Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Okay...so maybe it's a little late...

What do you mean it's almost been two months since Halloween???

I thought that I would get in the mood to write "any day now" for about that long and it seems as though "any day now" went into hiding, because I'm still not feeling it. My creative juices have been sucked dry and I can't really figure out why. So you're getting yet another lazy blog.

It shouldn't be a surprise that I don't remember what Beth was laughing at.

Check out the hand placement on the small of Beth's back. Check out the strawberry being fed to Beth. I think someone hearts Beth.

I loved this picture. There is nothing like an enthusiastic high five to make you feel good about life.

This may be the first ever heads touching picture of Jackie and Sarah. It was bound to happen at some point.

Is it wrong that I wished Gary got his head stuck in there? Yes?? Crap.

I'm still trying to figure out how he wrote MacGregor so amazingly...

Don't you wish you came to this rockin' party? No?? Crap.

The Brothers Grosz

You can tell it was an awesome party from the amount of pictures of Gary that were taken. He only comes out when the party really starts. Or when there are boys around (I still can't figure that one out).

Kelly came from work. She totally got a pass on the whole costume thing.

I'm quite sure they both had a lot of cat hair on them after getting off of Gary's chair. I probably should have warned them. Whoops.

I still have that bag of ice in my freezer.

Adam stopped by for about 15 minutes. I actually had no clue he was coming and when he walked in, I couldn't figure out who it was for about 5 seconds (which feels like an eternity when there is a strange man standing in your living room). Come to think of it, Halloween would be a great time for serial killers to come into random Halloween parties and murder people. Wow. It's quite scary that I just had that thought...it's even scarier that I had that thought and I'm still posting it to my blog.

And finally...
The question of the night:
Who was Chris supposed to be?

It was actually quite a brilliant costume. He was Charlie from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (No...not Charlie Brown. I can't remember who asked me that...)

See the resemblance now? Great, right?

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