Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tuesday can't come fast enough...

Is anyone else having a baby aneurysm over Mumford and Sons' new album coming out on Tuesday?

Also, from a concert bucket list perspective -
I WILL be seeing a show at Red Rocks near Denver at some point in my life. How incredible is this venue!?!?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


What does your mom do?
Continues to be awesome.

 If you were a giant mega monster what city would you rampage?

Detroit. I feel like those people could probably use a redo of the city and I'm sure the insurance money would really help them out.

Did you ever have a treehouse as a kid?

No. My parents didn't love me.

Do you plan to vote in the next election?
Nope. It goes against my policy of "not caring".

When you buy something new do you get a desire to use/play with it even when they don't have any physical application yet?
I have absolutely no clue what this question is asking.

Did you understand the Matrix Trilogy?
If I didn't just get completely lost on the previous question, I would absolutely answer this question, "I've never seen the Matrix trilogy, but I have no doubt that I could figure it out." Unfortunately, the previous question has me questioning how smart I am. So sad.

If you were stinking rich, would you only go to places other rich people went?
Heck no! I'd go only to the places that this rich person wanted to go.

Rebound relationships, good or bad?
They are fine as long as your heart doesn't get too attached.

Teenage parents, good bad or indifferent?
Horrible! Wait...are these 19 year old parents that are married?? That's fine. If they are 15 and got knocked up from slutting around, that is bad. If they are 19 and...well...don't want to figure life out first, fine by me!

Democracy, good or bad? long as everyone agrees with me!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

An Ode to Dinner Club

This is absolutely sappy and bordering on embarrassing. Please proceed at your own risk.

I wanted to take a moment to write about a group of friends that I have managed to develop a mad crush on since May of 2011.
Little did I know that when I moved into Human Resources that I would meet four women that would absolutely change my life. When I was first brought over to HR, I felt as though I had to hunker down, make no friends, and take no prisoners. Slightly dramatic? Possibly. The truth? Totally.

Throughout my first few months, I was informed by Callie who was "cool". I realize that sounds like middle school, but if you don't work for a large corporation, you may not know that there are a few moles within any organization (What is that you say? Did Sarah just reference a reality television show from 2001? Why yes...yes I did).

Every day I would be chained to my desk while these angels would stop by to see what I was up to (the answer would never change from "work"). They brought sunlight to even the gloomiest of situations. Even though three of the five of us had moved onto another organization, we have still managed to see each other on a monthly basis.

We have had theme nights, we have gone on vacation, had a zillion laughs to the point of throwing up (yeah, that has happened), a few tears (because what are friends if you can't cry with them) and we have had many (many) bottles of wine.
Dinner Club at Vivace
Courtney, Callie, Sarah, me, and Colleen

I can't tell you how thankful I am for these women. These beautiful, insane, life-long friends that I never knew were coming into my life until God tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Hey, guess what gift I have for you..."

Monday, July 30, 2012

My one political statement of the year.

I'm not into talking about politics. No. Seriously, I'm not.

I am a firm believer in the fact that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and while I'm working on myself, I have no right to work on your self (I'm not sure if that is grammatically correct, but I like the way it sounds).

This whole Chick-Fil-A thing has me irked, though. I think this ecard has put it best...

Okay, I hear your argument. If you're for gay marriage, you don't want someone that serves you waffle fries to tell you that you're wrong.

But let's think about this...
If that is a your argument, you should probably move out of your state if they don't recognize your beliefs and you should probably not patronize companies that give money to the political party that is opposed to your political party. Also, if you are banking customer, you're pretty much screwed because many banks give money to BOTH political parties. (AHHH! What do you do in THAT situation?!?!)

My point:
Eat your chicken and waffle fries, because they are delicious.
Shop at JCPenney and watch Ellen, because JCP has fair and square deals (is that their motto now?) and Ellen is hysterical.
I'll work on me and you work on you...and please don't tell me what I "should" or "should not" do based on your beliefs.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Check out my discovery!

I have been known to not pay attention to the plot of a TV show or movie because I'm trying to figure out who the artist is that is singing the song in the background.

Wait...can I just take a moment to say that Shazam is the greatest app of all time and absolutely worth having an iPhone for?? Okay. Thanks - I just had to get that off my chest.

So, yeah...I have been known to hear a song and get fixated on it. It actually happened twice today...once during Shallow Hal (don't judge me...I was too lazy to change the channel after The Soup). It sounded like a Hootie and the Blowfish song that I didn't even know existed. Turns out it was Darius Rucker singing This Is My World (so, yes, it was pretty much Hootie singing a song that I didn't know existed).

The second time was while I was half-watching the Olympic gymnastics coverage. They played this song during a gymnastics montage and I thought, "I think I've just discovered a new favorite artist! Who is this guy?! Man...I can't wait to introduce him to people...!!"

I hit Shazam and this is what it gave me...

Soooooooooooo "big discovery" was the freaking American Idol winner that I had never actually heard before.

Nice find, Sarah...nice find...

Saturday, July 28, 2012

It doesn't matter who you are...

I love the fact that these celebrities can take the crap that is said about them with a grain of salt. Well, except for Kristen Stewart. That girl is a slutbag. Who cheats on Robert Pattinson? <--(See what I did there? I was as ridiculous as every other person that made fun of someone that they didn't actually know in real life)