Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Something must be happening next door.

My random....RANDOM...thoughts of the morning...

I say that something must be happening next door because I actually just heard something slam against the wall. If I were a good neighbor, I'd go see if everything was okay. Sad thing is, I only made a mental note of the time (8:54 AM), in case dead bodies are found and I have to tell the cops something. 

I'm watching VH1 Top 20 Countdown right now. Props to Matt Nathanson for rockin' at #17 this week between The Ting Tings and Lily Allen (oh, Lily, I'm sorry that you're so tragic these days...). The new You Oughta Know artist is Carolina Liar. Being the kind of gal that loves music the first time she hears it (I didn't know this about myself until Julie pointed it out), I think I may love Carolina Liar. I'll let you know.

One more Top 20 Countdown thought...the Pussycat Dolls should not be allowed to be a group. I actually almost wrote that they shouldn't be allowed to be a band, but who are we kidding? They don't play anything. Some people may say that my disdain for the Pussycat Dolls must me rooted in jealousy, but really it's not. Well, I don't think it is....is it???

I hate that during the week it's impossible to wake up, but on the weekends (when I actually can sleep in) I'm up at 6:30. Ridiculous. 
I freaking went fell asleep last night around 2am and I definitely should be more tired than I am. Whatever.

So I dyed my hair yesterday. I know, I know....SHOCKER. Emily pointed out that I do this every 6 months or so and honestly, I'm still not sure how I feel about it. When I walked into Chris' house last night he said, "I like your hair" and then followed that comment up with, "Did you do it yourself?"
I'm really not sure if "Did you do it yourself?" is a good question. Generally, you don't want your hair to look like you went nuts with a box of $4 hair color (which is exactly what I did). I'm going to give my red hair one week...if it doesn't grow on me by then, I'll be writing about "Fun With Dark Brown Hair Color!" next weekend. 

Hmmmm....Julie is so right. I DO love songs the first time that I hear them. But really, what's NOT to love about this song???

Okay. I've got to stop writing and start eating. My stomach is a bit angry at me (I'm assuming, since it's growling pretty loud right now), so I need to have a breakfast-type appetizer. It needs to be an appetizer since Julie and Chris will be here in an hour to have some donut making fun. 

Oh. And I've been told that I am talking too much about the show Tough Love. So....
Tough Love.

There...I just had to mention it.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Maybe I WANT fries...

Last night I went to Chili's in Gastonia with some work friends for a pseudo-mini bachelorette party. All day I had been looking forward to those new mini buffalo chicken crisper sandwiches. Well, all day until it was pointed out that my favorite item on the menu is 1700 calories. Seriously. It's four baby sandwiches. I don't think straight lard has that many calories. Seeing that my one favorite thing is 150 calories more than my max caloric intake should be in a day, I decided to go with the grilled buffalo chicken sandwich on the Guiltless Grill (that Guiltless Grill was made for people like me who carry around a lot of guilt, I guess).

So...I was prepared when the waitress came around. It's best if I just give you our exchange:

Me: I'll have the buffalo chicken sandwich, but instead of the side of vegetables, I'd like fries.
Waitress: Ummm...you want the buffalo chicken sandwich on the Guiltless Grill?
Me: Yes.
Waitress: But you want to substitute fries for your veggies??
Me: Yes, please.
Waitress: With your sandwich off of the Guiltless Grill???
Me: Exactly.
Waitress: Ummm...okay....
Me: Oh! And can I please have some ranch dressing on the side??
Waitress: *blank stare*

Did I really need judgement from the waitress at Chili's? No.
Do I care that she judged me? Well, not so much anymore, I guess.
Am I excited that I got chips and salsa to go? Heck yes, I am!
Should I have tried to finish all of the sandwich AND fries, just to spite her? Probably not...my poor plate looked like a disaster of carbohydrates after I decided that the bread just wasn't worth eating...If. I. Can. Just. Get. Down. The. Chicken. *enter large sigh here*

Moral of the story: Stop smoking. You smell.

(I realize that the "moral of the story" doesn't really go along with "the story", but it was on my mind and I didn't really have a real "moral".)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sugar Free Red Bull gives you wing.

I SHOULD be sleeping right now, but I managed to get my second wind thanks to a certain energy drink. 

I'm quite sure that I will crash in about 45 minutes.

This week, two of my gals are out of town. Julie is in Kansas with her family and Sam (with Brian and the kiddos, of course) are in Florida for a wedding.
Before the Fisicaros departed, Sam left a message on my phone. It was quite long (HA!....and she makes fun of Brian for his story telling skillz), but this was the gist...

Will (her 4 year old) made a list of people in his life and made them Disney characters...

Daddy (Brian) ended up being Pinocchio...

Wanna know who Sarah is????? 

Sleeping Beauty! That's right people! Sarah is Princess Aurora. 

See a resemblance? I think I do...

My questions are....who in Will's head is Prince Phillip? And is this "Prince Phillip" going to creepily sneak into my room and kiss me while I'm sleeping??? Because you know...I wouldn't be opposed to that. Well, you know....as long as Prince Phillip isn't Papa. He would get offended because I tend to not sleep with makeup on.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

It never fails...

I'm going to take you back. Back to the time that I met Papa and Lulu (Brian's parents)...

It was probably about two years ago and I was running an errand (to the Teet) with Lauren. We had been planning a party and just needed to pick up some last minute stuff before we went home to get ready. By my definition, "getting ready" means taking a shower, applying makeup, and getting dressed in clothes that don't completely suck. Lauren's definition of getting ready is re-applying makeup and trying on 32 different outfits...all of which are perfectly acceptable for an evening out. 
We were walking through the frozen food aisle and Lauren yells, "Lulu! HEY! LULU!"
Lulu and Papa both look up, Lauren introduces me to them, and we say goodbye. Of course I'm kind of cursing the fact that I just met new people in my gym clothes (we had been rockin' it out with her personal trainer much earlier that morning and I just hadn't changed yet...you know, since I was waiting to get ready for the party). 
Later, we hear from Sam that Papa and Lulu told her that they saw her friends at the Harris Teeter. When Papa described us, he said, "Yeah...there was one that was dressed and one that wasn't."
It's been an on-going joke since then, that I am the "not dressed friend".

Fast-forward to today:
When I woke up this morning, I almost "got dressed", then I realized that the only thing that I had to do was take Julie to the airport and clean. I decided that I would just give my face a rest and not wear makeup. And heck...why not just wear sweats and put my hair up in a ponytail? I'm only taking J to the airport, right??
After dropping Julie off, I realized that I was out of Sprite Zero (the sad, sad replacement for Minute Maid Light Lemonade) and decided to just stop by Harris Teeter to pick some up. Yes, the exact same Harris Teeter that I met the Fisicaros at. 
After I was done picking up my groceries (in a very empty Teet, mind you...since it's so rainy and gross out today), I started walking out the door. Guess who was walking in?
Yeah. Papa. For reals.
I'm not going to lie...the man looked shocked and appalled. He gave me a hug and said something about just picking something up for lunch. I ran out the door and immediately called Sam. Oh, she just laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed. And laughed. Then called out to Brian to share with him the "hilarious" story. And then laughed a little more. Then gave me the fabulous advice of, "Don't EVER walk into a Harris Teeter without makeup on again!"

Good advice, Sam. I think it came about two years too late, though...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Just one more...

I have now become obsessed listening to Ray online. I realize that I've already posted 4 songs, but I feel like I need to add just one more. 

I love, love, love this song. 

Oh, wait...and who is this singing with Ray?!?!? Oh. Yes.
Okay. Seriously now. Just one more...

This music makes me want to fall in love and make babies.

Friday, March 13, 2009

I may just shed a tear...

I found out today that Julie has secured three seats in Asheville to see Ray Lamontagne on April 24th. It's funny that my heart races at the thought of getting to finally see him live...

I realize that I didn't need to post four different songs, but it's my little attempt to try to convince everyone to love him as much as I do.

(And yes....he's the reason Chris is growing out his beard. Maybe.)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spaghetti drowned in ketchup.

I'm sitting here at work, waiting for my last patient to arrive. Was she supposed to arrive an hour ago? Of course. Did I get a phone call 15 minutes ago telling me that she's just now leaving Rock Hill (ROCK HILL, PEOPLE!!!) and will be on her way to Mooresville shortly? Of course.

Oh, well. What can you do?

I was thinking about starting in on Chris' birthday party, but I don't have the pictures to remind me what happened that night, so it will have to be another time. Sorry. What else is there to write about???? Nothing really. That's why you get to hear about my week.

Monday...It was Chris' actual birthday, so we went to On the Border and then watched Monday night TV at my house. Poor guy didn't even get to pick out his own birthday dessert. So sad...

Tuesday...I'm pretty sure I did nothing. Let me think back.....yeah, I did nothing. It was nice.

Wednesday...Julie bought me tickets to go see Ani Difranco for my birthday, so we went to Solstice for dinner and then the concert. I knew that Adam was going to be there, so it was nice seeing him. Rumor has it, he has quit his job and is moving to California. I guess it was good that we could make amends before that took place.

Tonight...You're looking at it. Oh. And I'm eating spaghetti (drowned in ketchup) for dinner. My stomach is growling just thinking about it.

Tomorrow...I got a gift certificate for my birthday for 131 Main, so Julie and I are going to be enjoying some panfried flounder. Heck, it's Lent and I only had to be reminded 43 times that Julie can't have meat on Fridays.

Saturday...Kim said something about something about something. Okay...she really just said something about going out for St. Patrick's Day. We'll see if I can peel myself out of bed from my flounder-induced coma.

Sunday...I will be taking Julie to the airport and then I may lock myself in my house for a Flight of the Conchords marathon. Oh Bret and Jermaine, you are so witty...with all of your wittisisms.

I'll just throw this out there:
If anyone cares to join in on any of these activities, you are more than welcome to do so.*

*If you choose to join me on Sunday, please do not judge....I will be wearing my quilty pants.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Way to sell it...

As I'm awaiting departure to play the first tennis game of 2009, I was checking the top stories on MSN...

Does anyone want to know the #2 Most Unhappy City in America (they say that like a city can have feelings)??

I'm sure you can guess it.....St. Louis.

I still wish I bought the t-shirt at the 2006 World Series that said....
"St. Louis: #1 in crime AND baseball!"

I just want to know who decided that St. Louis was so unhappy (with their high crime rate, cloudy days, suicide rate, and lack of jobs).

Monday, March 2, 2009

It was definitely time for an upload....

I'm not going to lie. I've been hoarding pictures (hoarding...not whoring...). I really have no excuse. I could scream all I want that I have been SOOOO busy, but let's be serious....it's me. The real culprit is probably procrastination and laziness. I hope these random pics are good enough to make up for my lameness.

First up: Julie's (30TH!!) Birthday at Bailey's

Who doesn't enjoy a Sheesher hand wave?? I would love to collect every Sheila hand wave picture in existence, but who am I kidding?!?!? That would be IMPOSSIBLE. I don't know if there has ever been an event where she hasn't given her five finger salute. Hmmm...I think I need to come up with a signature move...

Yeah, we're cliquey. Get over it.

This trio was already waiting (and a few beverages in, if I'm not mistaken) when we arrived. I wish I could have cut and pasted Thomas' head in this pic, but I don't possess those editing skillz.

Ahhhhhhhh.....the infamous shot glasses. Yes, they are pretty awesome. No, no one stole them.

The 2009 Thomas and Sarah Combined Birthday Party at Tyber Creek Pub

Who are those gorgeous people, you ask??? It's the birthday kids! It seems like every time I turned around, someone was saying, "Picture of the birthday kids!"
Oddly enough, I just have the one on my camera. It makes me wonder whose camera I am on.

I'm so proud of Sam for not being late.

Now we need a picture of the V3 at C's birthday next week. You know...to finish off the trifecta of awesomeness.
(Bonus points: Does anyone actually know what "V3" stands for? Julie, you're not allowed to answer.)

I'm so happy that John and Kelly came out. I'm also glad that no Blockbuster gift cards were involved. Drama could have erupted.

You can kinda see my one dimple in this picture. I'm told that my 5 month old niece has the exact same random dimple. The thing my niece does not have is a vodka and Sugar Free Red Bull in her hand. She hasn't quite developed the motor skills for grasping beverages yet.

You know when you've had a few drinks and every picture you take is the "BEST PICTURE EVER!!!!", then you look through your pictures the next day and start going critique-crazy??? I remember thinking when I took this picture of Thomas and Beth that it was a framer and now that I'm looking at the pictures again...it's still a framer. Heck, I may frame it for my own house. Hmmm...that would kind of make me look psycho, wouldn't it??

Brian hearts Chris. Apparently more than what's natural. It's cool...no judgment here.

My Actual Birthday at Hickory Tavern

I've just got the one picture. Chris and Julie left to, well...I don't know, but they left nonetheless. I felt a little bad that I crashed Brian and Thomas' BFF party. I'm good at pulling crap like that.

Christina's Going Away Party at Prevue

I find it completely unfair that she has to move. No one can throw together a random party full of strangers (on a work night to boot!) like Christina.

Mike and Wendy!

Okay, the thing I notice about this picture is the insane amount of beer bottles on the table. The thing that confuses me is that Chris and I don't drink beer and I really don't think Mike and Wendy were drinking that much. So...mom, I swear...they really weren't ours.

These last two pictures make me laugh. Did I need to post both of them? Of course not. But does anyone notice something weird about both pictures???
I'm guessing that maybe one person got it....

Why is my man-hand featured in both pictures? It's like the thing has a mind of it's own! Ugh!

Since C's birthday party is this weekend, you can expect to see those pictures posted on here sometime mid-June....if you're lucky.