Sunday, March 15, 2009

It never fails...

I'm going to take you back. Back to the time that I met Papa and Lulu (Brian's parents)...

It was probably about two years ago and I was running an errand (to the Teet) with Lauren. We had been planning a party and just needed to pick up some last minute stuff before we went home to get ready. By my definition, "getting ready" means taking a shower, applying makeup, and getting dressed in clothes that don't completely suck. Lauren's definition of getting ready is re-applying makeup and trying on 32 different outfits...all of which are perfectly acceptable for an evening out. 
We were walking through the frozen food aisle and Lauren yells, "Lulu! HEY! LULU!"
Lulu and Papa both look up, Lauren introduces me to them, and we say goodbye. Of course I'm kind of cursing the fact that I just met new people in my gym clothes (we had been rockin' it out with her personal trainer much earlier that morning and I just hadn't changed know, since I was waiting to get ready for the party). 
Later, we hear from Sam that Papa and Lulu told her that they saw her friends at the Harris Teeter. When Papa described us, he said, "Yeah...there was one that was dressed and one that wasn't."
It's been an on-going joke since then, that I am the "not dressed friend".

Fast-forward to today:
When I woke up this morning, I almost "got dressed", then I realized that the only thing that I had to do was take Julie to the airport and clean. I decided that I would just give my face a rest and not wear makeup. And heck...why not just wear sweats and put my hair up in a ponytail? I'm only taking J to the airport, right??
After dropping Julie off, I realized that I was out of Sprite Zero (the sad, sad replacement for Minute Maid Light Lemonade) and decided to just stop by Harris Teeter to pick some up. Yes, the exact same Harris Teeter that I met the Fisicaros at. 
After I was done picking up my groceries (in a very empty Teet, mind you...since it's so rainy and gross out today), I started walking out the door. Guess who was walking in?
Yeah. Papa. For reals.
I'm not going to lie...the man looked shocked and appalled. He gave me a hug and said something about just picking something up for lunch. I ran out the door and immediately called Sam. Oh, she just laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed. And laughed. Then called out to Brian to share with him the "hilarious" story. And then laughed a little more. Then gave me the fabulous advice of, "Don't EVER walk into a Harris Teeter without makeup on again!"

Good advice, Sam. I think it came about two years too late, though...

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Julie said...

I thought that you still looked MAGICal this morning. Thanks for the ride! And I'm so glad that you updated your blog so that I had something to do in the Atl airport...45 minute delay, blargh!