Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spaghetti drowned in ketchup.

I'm sitting here at work, waiting for my last patient to arrive. Was she supposed to arrive an hour ago? Of course. Did I get a phone call 15 minutes ago telling me that she's just now leaving Rock Hill (ROCK HILL, PEOPLE!!!) and will be on her way to Mooresville shortly? Of course.

Oh, well. What can you do?

I was thinking about starting in on Chris' birthday party, but I don't have the pictures to remind me what happened that night, so it will have to be another time. Sorry. What else is there to write about???? Nothing really. That's why you get to hear about my week.

Monday...It was Chris' actual birthday, so we went to On the Border and then watched Monday night TV at my house. Poor guy didn't even get to pick out his own birthday dessert. So sad...

Tuesday...I'm pretty sure I did nothing. Let me think back.....yeah, I did nothing. It was nice.

Wednesday...Julie bought me tickets to go see Ani Difranco for my birthday, so we went to Solstice for dinner and then the concert. I knew that Adam was going to be there, so it was nice seeing him. Rumor has it, he has quit his job and is moving to California. I guess it was good that we could make amends before that took place.

Tonight...You're looking at it. Oh. And I'm eating spaghetti (drowned in ketchup) for dinner. My stomach is growling just thinking about it.

Tomorrow...I got a gift certificate for my birthday for 131 Main, so Julie and I are going to be enjoying some panfried flounder. Heck, it's Lent and I only had to be reminded 43 times that Julie can't have meat on Fridays.

Saturday...Kim said something about something about something. Okay...she really just said something about going out for St. Patrick's Day. We'll see if I can peel myself out of bed from my flounder-induced coma.

Sunday...I will be taking Julie to the airport and then I may lock myself in my house for a Flight of the Conchords marathon. Oh Bret and Jermaine, you are so witty...with all of your wittisisms.

I'll just throw this out there:
If anyone cares to join in on any of these activities, you are more than welcome to do so.*

*If you choose to join me on Sunday, please do not judge....I will be wearing my quilty pants.


Julie said...

Funny, I JUST posted the C birthday pics on Facebook right before I read this post! I'm working on the mind reading.

Commodore Lerve said...

Good for you in having a convo with Adam, I'm proud of you!

Alison said...

Not to be nit-picky.. but as a major Flight of the Conchords fan... his name is Jemaine. No R :) I didnt even realize that until halfway through the first season.

Sorry you had to switch to sprite zero, thats so sad.

54 days till VEGAS!

saucybellum said...

Geez Alison (or is that Allison...or Alyson...or Allysen???), I don't know if you know this, but I'm really, REALLY sensitive and you pointing out that I'm stupid, just hurts.

Okay. I can't even fake like I care. You're right...his name is Jemaine. It just SOUNDS like JeRmaine, because of their New Zealand accents. "Jermaine" is a black guy name, anyways.
I love pegging people with racially insensitive comments...

Yeah. Sprite Zero makes me want to cry. Thanks for your condolences.

And I can't believe you've started a countdown to Vegas. I hope I don't disappoint.'re not really counting the days until you see me, are you?