Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I just want to know if the new stimulus package includes another $600 in my mailbox...

I don't know if this is weird or not (Julie...can you let me know???), but I've been wearing the exact same mismatched "outfit" from 5:30-11pm every night this week. I say "outfit" like that because it's not so much an outfit as it is blue Adidas track pants that I've had since the 10th grade and the comfiest (ugliest) red hoodie ever. Does it match? Heck no. Is it warm? Heck yes. It just makes me sad that my hoodie/track pants combo is starting to smell.

I realize that I haven't blogged it out in awhile, but I've been busy. You know, with stuff...
Okay, I're dying to know with what....right? Allow me to fill you in...

I vaguely remember feeling like poo and having Jackie beg me to go home. No, no, no....I stuck it out. I'm a bit of a rock star like that. When I got home, I made 50 mini strawberry cupcakes and a mini strawberry cake (not in the "cup" form, thank God) for Julie's birthday and then went to take a shower to feel a little better. After my shower, I got a phone call from Sam saying that they weren't coming over due to illness, but she still wanted some French toast brought to her. Blah, blah, blah...boring, boring...we (C, J, and I) inhaled some breakfast for dinner and I ran over to Sam's to drop off the leftovers. It made me a little sad that she had the syrup sitting out already when I got there. There weren't many words exchanged, she pretty much just grabbed the Tupperware containers and made her way back upstairs. I found out later that she had been looking forward to it all day. Wow. I really need to teach that gal how to cook if that's the only thing she has to look forward to.
After dropping off the goods, I went back home and we watched Iron Man. I am surprised that I actually enjoyed it...

The first half of the day was spent lounging in the bathtub. Yes. I have a hard life. But in my defense, I just wanted to get warm.
Post-bath, I got ready for Julie's birthday and headed over to Chris' around 6. After wrapping her present, we went to pick J up to go to her first birthday location, Nakato. I wasn't sure if she wanted those sweet Japanese-Americans singing an odd version of Happy Birthday to her, so I chose to forgo telling them that it was her birthday (although, if they just paid a little attention, they would have noticed that she had unwrapped a Snuggie and GPS at the table...something tells me that they feel as awkward singing it as I do listening to it, though...).
After a super-filling (HA! Kidding...I had sushi and was starving within the hour...) dinner, we walked across the parking lot to Bailey's Sports Bar and Grille (I love when places add "e" to the end of words to make them "grille", "shoppe", and "olde").
It was a lovely evening, filled with J's closest friends. I have to be honest....I knew about half of them. Here are the highlights that I actually remember:
- Realizing that Bailey's definitely isn't the place to go if you want Red Bull, Smirnoff Ice, or good wine.
- Chris wanting someone to steal his shot glass for him (he wouldn't and no one else did).
- Mike "forcing" (HA!) Julie to smoke a 30th birthday cigar.
- That blessed soft pretzel/buffalo wing/cheese stick plate that came out around 1am.
- Back at J's house, having her force (this was a real force, unlike the the cigar "force") C & I to try out her Snuggie....and take pictures while wearing it. Note: I still believe that no one should wear a blanket, even if it is considered heaven with arm holes.
- C driving my car home more recklessly than I have ever driven it. Please take into consideration that by other people's standards, he drives like a normal person and I drive like an 87 year old grandmother. Ten and two, people....TEN AND TWO!!!!

I heart waking up in my own filth. It's my favorite part of spending an evening in a bar filled with smoke. The only thing that could be better than secondhand smoke would be getting cancer from it. Nothing says "I'm supporting your decision to kill yourself" like inhaling the toxins with some of your best pals.
After washing my hair (TWICE!) and throwing some foul smelling clothing into the wash, I made my way over to Chris' and then we went down to J's for some post-birthday lunch at Applebee's. I can't step foot into that restaurant without hearing John Corbett's voice.
After lunch, we went to see Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Ummm....Julie liked it. That's all I have to say about that. After the movie, we went to take Julie home and then stuck around....for 5 hours. Sticking around included yummy (!!!!!) Donato's Pizza, a new television show (Flight of the Conchords...check it out...thank me, errr...Julie, later), and Superbad. I definitely should have gotten to bed earlier, but I'm glad we "stuck around".

Work, work, work....I swear....they act like they are paying me for my time or something. :)
Jackie was kind enough to switch hours with me so that I could go to the doctor at 3. I love doctors (lie). I especially love doctors that get up in my bid-ness (lie again). I'm thankful that it's over (complete and utter truth). Now all I have to do is go back for a 3 month follow-up. that I think about it, what is she really wanting to "follow up" on in three months? My insurance deductible, that's what! She's in it for the benjamens, baby!
After hanging out at the hizzy for awhile after my appointment, I went over to the Fisicaro's to make nice with Sam. I didn't realize that we weren't "nice", but she had left a message on my phone proclaiming that I needed to come over and make sure we were good. Whatever. Sam and I are always good....even when we aren't good (yeah, that's not supposed to make sense).

More work. And a long (long) meeting. But mainly just work.
After work, I managed to unload the dishwasher and plant myself on the couch. Sam came over to join me on the couch. It was nice. The end.

Is it sad that it's 8pm and I have to think really hard about what I did today that wasn't work? I'm trying my darnedest to not be negative, but I have to say....I wouldn't consider today as one of my top ten days (not even top ten out of my last eleven days). Jackie and I looked at each other probably 100 times today, shook our heads, and said, "Seriously?!?!"
She text me just a little bit ago and asked if it got any better. All I could say was, "No."
I think Jackie explains it best...
"I go from zero to sixty really fast. I stay calm....calm....calm....but if you happen to be the 10th person that is an idiot around me, I will kill you."
Mind you, I'm paraphrasing, but still....we agree wholeheartedly in that sentiment. We joked today that the two of us need to go to couples therapy. Not because we aren't getting along, but because we share the same disdain for stupid people and we don't think normal people get irritated at them the way we do. We just happen to get irritated at the exact same time (hence making us a couple of irritated people in need of therapy).

Upcoming events in the life o' Sarah:
Not much....let me see...
Friday: I'll be taking in some Improv fun with a few of my closest pals at The Graduate.
Saturday: I'll be going to see Gran Torino with Kim (and whoever else wants to go) at the new Epicenter theatre.
Sunday: I'll be doing what I do every Sunday...eating breakfast and being happy....

Here's hoping this finds you just that.....happy.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

Aren't you just dying to know what happened? No?? Too bad...

I'm going to pretend like no one knows how my "situations" turned out. Why? Because I have nothing else to write about and these things are still on my mind (pathetic, I know...).

Those pesky frozen pipes:

After I wrote about my frozen pipes on Saturday, I decided that I should do what I do best....ignore the problem and pray that it would resolve itself. So I left the house and got my hair cut (Which Sam has pointed out is too short. FYI....never tell someone that their hair is too short. There is nothing they can do about it. Too long=speak your mind. Too short=shut your mouth.) Deciding that I didn't give the frozen pipes enough time to self-resolve, I did something that I haven't done in quite awhile. I went to grocery shop at Wal-Mart. What was I thinking?!? Wal-Mart?!? On a Saturday morning!??! 
Yes, I got enough food for 2 months and I saved about $5,000 by going there, but still...not cool. I really don't understand why it's so hard for people to understand that you don't just stand in the middle of the aisle and talk on the phone. Hello??? There are people behind've got to keep MOVING! Okay. I'm veering from my point, sorry...
After my trip to the store, I headed back home. To find......frozen pipes. 
At this point, I got a phone call from Sam. I have to say, I love that when I call one of my best friends at 9am, I'll definitely get a return phone call before 4pm....maybe...if I'm lucky. She told me that she'd call right back after she asked Jim what to do. She called me back to tell me to call Jim and let him know exactly what was going on. About 30 seconds into the conversation, Jim said, "I'm not doing's too cold to play golf, I'll just come over and look at it."
It couldn't have been more than 8 minutes and Jim was under my sink with his toolbox. How do guys just know what to do? Within 20 minutes, the man blow-dried the heck out of that pipe and my water was working again. Yeah...why didn't I think of that? Because I don't have a penis, that's why...

This stuff has become liquid gold in my life. Who'd have ever thought? Minute Maid Light Lemonade? Really?!?
Yes. Really.
After letters to Harris Teeter and Target, I still have no answer. No one has even pretended to try to stock it or answer why it's gone to begin with. Want to know how awful my friend is ('s Sam again...)? Here's our conversation from yesterday:
Sam: Hey, you know that lemonade you really like?
Me (my heart is racing from the thought of her finding it somewhere): Yeah!?!
Sam: Do they have that at CVS, because Brian is there and...
Me: He found it!?!?!?!?
Sam: No. I don't know...I was just going to tell him to look for it.
Me: Oh, well that's really sweet. Yeah, tell him that if he finds it then to buy them out and I'll pay you guys back.
Sam: Oh. Well, I was just seeing if you knew if it was there. I mean...I really like that lemonade after having it at your house and I'm really kinda craving it. 
Me: called me to see if I knew where it was?
Sam: Yeah.
Me: Don't you think that if I knew where it was I would go get it???
Sam: Yeah, I guess you would. Nevermind.
Me: I hope you find a beverage that you love more than anything you've ever tasted in your life and it is suddenly taken away. Jerk.

Okay...I really didn't say that last thing, but you better believe that I thought it.
So, there you go. I have yet to find it.

Oh! And I wanted to give a shout-out to New Friend Alison (it's an official title). She has gone from blog-friend to Facebook-friend and will hopefully become face-to-face friend soon. She offered to stockpile the stuff in Kansas. I'm scared that I may have to take her up on the offer. You know what, though? It will be really fun to say, "Alison and I became friends because of my love for lemonade....and Chris Stucky...but mainly just because of my love for lemonade."

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sometimes you just need a man...

I am currently sitting on my couch in my own filth, trying to figure out what to do. I've decided that writing it out may help (I doubt it, but nothing else I've tried has really gotten any results in the last two hours). 
Last night, Brian made dinner and I started the dishwasher after we were done eating. It ran through the entire cycle and when it was peach cobbler time, I opened up the dishwasher to see that nothing was clean. Did that make me question anything other than my ability to start a dishwasher? Of course not. I mean, think about it....I have started that dishwasher 1,000 times, why would I think that I did it wrong? I guess that speaks volumes of how I view myself, huh?
I started it again right before I went to bed and when I got up this morning, guess what wasn't clean? So, I spent about 30 minutes online trying to figure out how I managed to break the dishwasher. 
When I finally decided that I would need to call a professional, I figured that I should at least wash all of the dishes by hand (you know, so the dishwasher-fixer-man doesn't think negatively of me). I turn on the hot water side of the sink aaaannnnnnd.....nothing. Uh. Oh.
At this point, I realize that I have a bigger problem than just water not making it's way to the dishwasher.  So, I called the Fisicaros (for some reason, I have the belief that once you get married, you suddenly have every bit of knowledge that you will ever need to know in the ways of home repair)...of course they didn't answer.  I then text messaged Chris. You know...just so he knows that I'm mad. After that, I called my mom, who quickly directed me to my grandpa. Ahhhh....this man knows everything. After figuring out that it definitely wasn't the hot water heater (which is in the attic, what is that about!?!?), he informed me that I have a frozen hot water pipe and that I need to know where the water valve is in the house, so that I can shut it off in the event that one of the pipes bursts. 
Do you know how ticked I am? Seriously. I remembered to unhook the hose two days ago to prevent freaking frozen pipes! I was self-sufficient! Why did this happen!?!?! Argh!
I finally got in touch with Emily and she wasn't as upset as I thought she'd be. I was so worried that I should have done something else to prevent this, but she didn't blame me at all (YAY!). 
The whole thing makes me wonder how northerners deal with this. It's been really cold here (well, under 32 degrees) for only a couple days. How do they prevent frozen pipes for entire winters when it's -294 degrees? I'm suspecting magic and witchcraft, but I can't prove that.

So, I currently have dirty dishes everywhere and the cabinets under the sink open (you know, to get heat to the pipes). I'm hoping that Gary doesn't find his way to the household cleaners. Last thing I need is a drug-addicted kitty on my hands. Huffing is a drug, Gary, huffing is a drug...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

She's got a zillion of these things...

I realize that I've done more than enough of these question/answer things, but sometimes there is just nothing to write about....well, nothing that I want to write about. And you know, I have to let my mom know that I'm still alive (come to think of it, that could be taken care of with a simple phone call, but my mom's a busy lady and I don't want to be a bother...)
Okay, well, that's where Brandt's girlfriend (Jen) comes in. She has filled out probably 500 of these on MySpace, so that's where I go to steal 'em...
Why did I feel the need to explain where I get them from?? Well, someone has asked that question in the past and I just didn't want there to be any confusion.

Where are you right now?
Rockin' it out on the couch with Gary.

What is one thing you would love to happen tomorrow?
One thing? I can only pick one thing!??! Crap. Ummm....ummm....well, I better make it good... I would LOVE to not hear the word "WOW!" for one day. Yes...just ONE day. (I don't dream very big...)

What's the wallpaper on your phone?
Is it sad that for a second I thought, "Wallpaper? What is wallpaper? On my phone??"
Oh. Yeah. It's this picture...

Do you bite your fingernails?
I pick at them.

Does anyone call you baby?
Not recently....thanks for pointing that out.

Did you kiss or hug anyone today?
Again. No. Thanks for pointing that out, as well...

Have you ever wanted something you couldn't have?
I like to think that not getting the things that I've wanted has made me the well-rounded person that I am today...but it still blows when I don't get that stuff.

What do you hear?
Entertainment Tonight. Oh, Mary should teach a class on how to talk with your hands...

Recently kissed anyone with the name starting with a "T"?
I'm going to go with "absolutely not" on that one...thanks.

If all your friends went on a road trip would you go too?
Uh. Yes. Absolutely. Why? What have you heard? When are we going?? Why hasn't anyone told me!?!?!

Is your phone right beside you?
Wait. Where IS my phone???

Do you think that someone is thinking about you right now?
They should probably call me if they are (you know, so I can find my phone...)

What were you doing at 12 AM, Friday night?
Sleeping, I think. C & J didn't want to stick around for a movie after dinner. Turkey, turkey, turkey taaaaaaaaccoooooossss!!! Yum, yum, yum!!!! (Yeah, I just made up a song about dinner) Anywho, I heard something about needing to work on a Saturday...I don't know....

Does it annoy you when someone says they'll call but never do?
It used to, but not so much anymore. I've learned who I can count on and who I can't. It is no use being upset about those people you can't count on...

Who was the last person you talked on the phone with?
Dr. Dunlop. I have to say, I am awesome at defusing his anger. YAY ME!

Who was the last person you texted?
I'm sure it was C, but I'm too lazy to get up and search for my phone to know for sure...

What's the weather like outside?
"Oh, the weather outside is weather..."

Who is the last person you saw?
Well, I saw people on the road.

What piercings do you want to get?
None. At all. Thanks.

Have you ever had a panic attack?
Oh, yes. It was a bit dramatic and my cousin (who just happens to be an EMT) actually came to my house to make sure I wasn't dying. She's a sweet gal like that...

What were you doing at 8:00 this morning?
Let me check my log...
7:42- Step in shower
7:43- Pick up soap
7:47- Rinse out hair
7:53- Step out of shower
7:54- Dry off
7:57- Put on eye makeup
7:59- Blow dry hair
8:03- Put on rest of makeup
8:17- Curl hair

Hmmm, looks like I was blow drying my hair at 8am this morning. Do you know how much time I could save if I didn't write down every single thing that I did throughout a day??

Are you a jealous person?
Not really. Well, never seriously jealous...

Are you tired right now?
Not really. Just feelin' a little lazy.

Do you have any siblings?
I've even written about them on this crazy thing...

Are you mad at someone right now?
I wasn't, but give me a few minutes...I can think up someone...

Has anything disappointed you today?
Only my own shortcomings....

What were you doing 2 hours ago?
Probably thinking of answers for this stupid questionnaire. Oh, I'm just being silly...
I'm sure I was playing Word Challenge. I'm kinda obsessed and no, there is no way that I can beat Julie.

Are you hanging out with anyone tonight?
*sigh* No....

Do you have someone that is like a sibling to you?
Like a sibling? Not my actual siblings, right?
If we're not talking about Seth, Zack, Laura, or Jade, then I would have to say Brian Fisicaro.

Are you stubborn?
I don't think I am, but maybe I'm nuts.

Do you hate to let people down?

Who was the last person to make you cry?
I'm trying to remember the reason I last cried. I think it was just a bunch of stuff that became a bit overwhelming and my mom responded to it with, "Sweetie, maybe you need to get on some antidepressants..."

What's on your mind?
All the stuff I should be doing. Come to think of it...I'm done with this stupid survey...I must go do actual work!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Have you ever seen that episode of Seinfeld??

Soooooo....I just got home from Mike's house. I spent a lovely evening watching the Panthers get their poopers handed to them by the Cardinals. Although I tend to love the Cardinals, they are usually of the "St. Louis" variety (instead of the "Arizona" variety, as they were tonight...). 

Yes, I left Mike's house about an hour ago. WHY did it take me so long to get home, you ask!?!? Well, I took Julie home and stopped in to pick up a couple cans of Minute Maid Light Lemonade.

WHY did I stop in to get those out of her fridge, you ask?? Well, I have a fear that they may have discontinued my favorite beverage ever made and I'm begging anyone I know for the remainders of this delicious beverage. It seems as though all of my usual haunts are out of MMLL and I am now down to four cans (thanks to the two cans that Julie handed over). 

At first I was just kind of bummed (like, "Oh poo, Harris Teeter is out of my lemonade....") and it has now turned into a full on panic (I may have uttered the words, "TARGET is out of Minute Maid Light Lemonade?!?!?! I WOULD PAY $50 FOR A CASE OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!"). I have now noticed that there are no empty places "where it used to be". They have taken down the "MM Light Lmd $4.49" signs and replaced them with "Dt Coke $4.49". Do we really need more Diet Coke!?!?!? NO!!!!! I need my lemonade!!!!!!! And NO, Tropicana Light Lemonade is NOT the same thing! Tropicana Light Lemonade is CRAP!  I have an addiction and it needs to be fed, darn it!!!!

Which brings me to my question of the night....
I just don't know! I never thought that I would be faced with such a dilemma! It is literally bringing a tear to my eye...

So...I beg of you, dear blog-world friend....
When you are at the store, picking up your beverage of choice...please keep a look out for my favorite beverage. It seems to be MIA lately....*tear*....*sniffle, sniffle*...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Yes, yes, yes...I meant to write "Happ New Year!"...

Take a gander at my high-quality sign and you'll see why the mediocre-joke of the night was saying (in your best offensively-Chinese voice), "Happ Nuh Yah, Aye Bodee!!"

And just so you I did not get a discount (yes, someone asked). I ordered the glittery sign online, from a company where English is obviously not their first language. I was a big fan of the letters looking like they came straight from the Price Is Right.

I bet Bob Barker (oh, wait...that's Drew Carey now, isn't it??) doesn't have to deal with such things as missing Y's.

As you can see, the joke even extended to the tiaras. They did say "HAPPY", until someone brilliantly cut off all of the Y's...
Remember the picture of Will from Brian's 30th birthday party? No??? looked a lot like this...
There is this thing called camouflage. It usually doesn't come in the form of shrimp. Well, it doesn't until Sam gets her hands on those lil' boogers. I'm still not sure what she was trying to cover up...
This man spent all of his time making appetizers and trying to get a fire started. I still feel a bit guilty about that...

Oh, Brian...showing up to my HOUR AND A HALF LATE. What is THAT all about??!?! Oh yeah...I almost forgot. LSU was on and my little TV wasn't good enough to watch it on. I see how it is...These are Beyonce's new back up dancers. All the single ladies...
That is Sam's deformed finger in the picture....well, I THINK it's hers...
Whenever I see this picture, all I can think of is Emily saying, "I can hug, but I have rules." I took this picture of Sam and Laura. I flipped through my camera multiple times. I never once noticed Sheesh in the background until I uploaded the pictures. I have to say, I've looked at this picture probably 30 times and every time, I laugh. I'm thinking that I need to print it off and put it on my bathroom know, so I can start the day with a good laugh...
It's sad that I didn't realize that I didn't have enough seating until after the party and thought, "Hmmm...why did Mike stand the entire time and why did Lisa, Beth, and Wendy sit on the counter?"
Whoops. I'm a bad hostess...
It really wouldn't be an event without Sheila's hand wave. It just wouldn't.
Wendy was mad that she was the only one that smiled normal...she didn't realize that Sam and Sheesh WERE smiling "normal". I think this picture was taken later in the night. I'm sure you're dying to know why I think that. Well...check out the second picture. Take a look at Brian's could it NOT be late in the night with eyes like that???

Poor Katie couldn't stay up too late. Apparently, the animal kingdom doesn't recognize the Christian calendar. I am a little surprised that Kate didn't care that there were 16 people running around making all sorts of noise. Ummm....are we cheers-ing empty glasses? Yeah, maybe. Oh, well. At least I can look at that picture and think, "That was definitely on a other time during the year do I drink out of a champagne glass. Which NYE? Well...I have no idea. Chris and I have been best friends for 52 years and it could be any one of those New Years Eves." (Yeah, I dream big. *Enter Saved By the Bell's "Friends Forever" song here*)

Those Steeles are so wacky. I really don't know what they are doing here, but (as always when it comes to those two) I find it hilarious...
I don't remember taking this picture. But much like the cheers-ing picture, I'll be able to semi-date it by the fact that Emily very rarely wears a Happy New Year tiara.
Mike stayed in the same spot the entire night. I fear he may have been bored out of his mind...
I love that Kim and Jimmy showed up...but I felt that they were constantly about to bolt, seeing that Kim never took off her jacket. (Just so you know, they didn't. Actually, they were rock stars and stuck it out until the bitter end. YAY THEM!)

Soooo....smores....blessed, blessed smores.
I so badly wanted to roast marshmallows outside and have smores on NYE. I had Brian bring over his fire pit thing. I had wood. I had smores stuff. I was so ready. So ready until NO ONE could start a fire. I was bummin'. Bummin' until the BRILLIANT Beth pulled out the secret stove (why had I not thought of it before?!?!?). I had never tasted anything so delicious in my life. Kudos to Beth for her critical thinking skillz!

I'm starting to wish that I had written this 5 days ago. I would have had a better play by play.

Can anyone fill in some of the holes for me??

Monday, January 5, 2009

And this should finish it off....

The last week of December was the busiest week ever. Okay...maybe not the busiest, but still...there was definitely no extra time to blog.
I left at 5:30 on Christmas Eve morning to make my way to St. Louis. This is what I found when I got there... Yeah. That's Sadie....crying. Come to find out, she cries 93.7% of the time. If she's not eating (which she wants to do every half hour) or sleeping (which she won't do until 2:30am), she's crying. One of my favorite moments is when I put a status update on my Facebook that said something like"Sadie won't stop crying" and Julie responded with, "Give her some wrapping paper to play with."
Oh, Julie. Ummm....yeah. No. Good try, though.

After Sadie left, Zack and Jade (my little brother and his wife) came over. I like to think that they weren't waiting for Sadie to leave to come over, but it was awfully convenient that they showed up mere moments after her departure.
We exchanged gifts that night...I am now the proud owner of an avocado green neck warmer, made by Zack. It features three buttons for closure...closure around your neck brace. Unfortunately, I haven't had any neck injuries lately. Maybe someday, though. It did produce some pretty good laughs though....sorry I don't have any pictures with it on (I think my mom has custody of those...)

This picture was taken Christmas morning. Now that is one cute kid. Logan opened a helmet from Santa (before mom and dad gave him his bike) and seemed a little bummed, but still remained optimistic when he shrugged his shoulders and said, "I can use this when I get a bike for my birthday."
Little did he know, he only had to wait about 10 more minutes until his dad brought out his bike from the back room...
Man...when I was four, I was rockin' the Big Wheel. How times have changed....

I'm trying to teach Sadie how to do the self portrait in this pic. Silly girl could never get the concept of looking at the camera. I suppose that was a bit much to ask of a 3 month old.
(She wasn't crying in this picture because she just woke up, be assured that she was bawling within 9 minutes of this being taken...)

My mom had asked her friend (who just happens to be a professional photographer) to do our family pictures (which definitely haven't been taken for about 10 years). I love that I had just done my hair and then it got rained on right before the picture. The funny thing is, there isn't much difference between "perfect hair" and "rained-on hair". Oh, well....what can you do??
Here's the picture of my whole family...

And here's the one of my brothers and me. My mom pointed out that the three of us look absolutely nothing alike and then promptly stated, "I promise, you all have the same father."
Ummm....I wasn't questioning it, but now that you've pointed it out...hmmmmmmmmm....

On Friday (December 26th), my cousin, Geoff, married his longtime girlfriend, Carrie Leigh. They were married in a small, candlelit (candlelit because there was no electricity 100 years ago) ceremony at the Old Peace Chapel (Daniel Boone's chapel or something like that). They had a larger reception later that night.
Here's a picture of Geoff checking out his surprise groom's cake. Geoff is a drummer and this cake was pretty amazing...
I just want to know who ate it after the wedding.

I love these two pictures. The first one is of Cassie and the second one is of Carrie. You can definitely tell that they are sisters, can't you??

Here's a picture of Carrie's husband, Matt. I actually have about 10 pictures of Matt (and of Carrie and Matt) at the head table. I'm not sure why he wanted to take so many, but I think it may have something to do with being bummed that his "special day" happened almost 2 years ago....

Instead of those cheesy favors that you usually get at weddings, Carrie and Geoff had a photo booth. It would spit out 2 copies, one to keep and the other one to put in the photo album that you would sign for the bride and groom. It was AWESOME. We just kept picking up our pictures and then we'd go to the end of the line to do it all over again.

I really can't explain any of these...
The bride informed me that someone spilled a red drink down her dress during this one...
I have to say...I drank NOTHING red at that reception. So I DIDN'T DO IT!! YAY ME!!!

Carrie and I tried to do the "heart hands" in the first picture...our "heart hands" suck.
I flew back to Charlotte on December plane got in at 7:45pm. I got to my car and was going to meet Chris for dinner before I went back to the airport at 11:30 to pick up Julie. My car broke down by the Bloom on Sugar Creek at 8:30. It was such a sad way to go. I had always hoped that when my car died, it just wouldn't start one morning (you know, kind of like dying in it's sleep). No, no, no...poor Chris had to come push it up a hill to get it in the parking lot of Bloom. As I'm typing's still there (I had a little trouble finding my title, but it's all good now...I finally found it yesterday).
I'm just so thankful that 1. Chris was in town (he got in that morning) to come save me and 2. Emily and Dan were in town the next day to help me car shop.
It was an ALL DAY event and I had rules that I had to follow.
1. Keep it under 50,000 miles (preferably 20-30K).
2. We're getting the extended warranty.
3. No used American-made cars.
4. No VWs.
5. No talking.

I followed the rules. Emily and Dan were awe inspiring...pretty much tag-teaming the sales guy, playing good cop (Dan), bad cop (Em). I really don't think I could have done it without them.
And this is what I ended up with....a 2006 Hyundai Tucson. I think it's cute...and I don't care what you say (okay, I do...stop making me question myself...thanks).

Alright. I'm tired. I guess I'm going to have to have one more December post.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

December...Part Uno.....

So December was a pretty busy month, so I've decided to two-part this thing...

On December 7th, I went to Kelly and John's Christmas party (I still have yet to see any pictures from that party, I'm starting to believe that none were taken) and then went to Whisky River for Jimmy's birthday party. was a fantastic night.

On December 12th, I went with Kim to meet some of my friends at Crave to watch Lauren's boyfriend play. When Lauren had originally told me about her new boyfriend (well, new-ish...they've been together or a few months), I thought that he was in a band. You a cover band or something. No. He plays himself....not with a band...and he's pretty good. I guess Lauren's the winner when it comes to boyfriend picking. *sigh*
On December 19th, Chris, Beth, Mike, and I went to see Colbie Caillat at Amos'. Pre-Colbie, we had dinner at Tavern on the Tracks (as you can see in the first picture from that night, Beth and I cheesed in the bathroom of TOTT...classy).
Jon McLaughlin opened for Colbie. do I put this???
Whoa. doesn't even come close to describing him. Okay...I've got to find a picture for any of you who may not know this God's-gift-to-woman-(and gay-man)-kind.(You're welcome)

As for these pictures...I could have sworn that I had taken a picture of Mike that night. I guess I didn't. He must've been refreshing drinks when I broke out my camera. Man....Mike is a good guy.

Alright. That's all I've got for now. I'm sure you're on the edge of your seat, awaiting 2008's conclusion...