Sunday, January 11, 2009

Have you ever seen that episode of Seinfeld??

Soooooo....I just got home from Mike's house. I spent a lovely evening watching the Panthers get their poopers handed to them by the Cardinals. Although I tend to love the Cardinals, they are usually of the "St. Louis" variety (instead of the "Arizona" variety, as they were tonight...). 

Yes, I left Mike's house about an hour ago. WHY did it take me so long to get home, you ask!?!? Well, I took Julie home and stopped in to pick up a couple cans of Minute Maid Light Lemonade.

WHY did I stop in to get those out of her fridge, you ask?? Well, I have a fear that they may have discontinued my favorite beverage ever made and I'm begging anyone I know for the remainders of this delicious beverage. It seems as though all of my usual haunts are out of MMLL and I am now down to four cans (thanks to the two cans that Julie handed over). 

At first I was just kind of bummed (like, "Oh poo, Harris Teeter is out of my lemonade....") and it has now turned into a full on panic (I may have uttered the words, "TARGET is out of Minute Maid Light Lemonade?!?!?! I WOULD PAY $50 FOR A CASE OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!"). I have now noticed that there are no empty places "where it used to be". They have taken down the "MM Light Lmd $4.49" signs and replaced them with "Dt Coke $4.49". Do we really need more Diet Coke!?!?!? NO!!!!! I need my lemonade!!!!!!! And NO, Tropicana Light Lemonade is NOT the same thing! Tropicana Light Lemonade is CRAP!  I have an addiction and it needs to be fed, darn it!!!!

Which brings me to my question of the night....
I just don't know! I never thought that I would be faced with such a dilemma! It is literally bringing a tear to my eye...

So...I beg of you, dear blog-world friend....
When you are at the store, picking up your beverage of choice...please keep a look out for my favorite beverage. It seems to be MIA lately....*tear*....*sniffle, sniffle*...


Alison, Friend of Chris said...

Hi, I know you dont know me... but Im one of Chris' good friends from KS... I was browsing blogs from Lervik's list and read your post about the light lemondade.

I was walking through my usual grocery store and they still sell it, if you need me to stock-pile it for you, I so will :)

Hope my random comment doesnt freak you out :) Chris talks about you all the time when he comes home, I hope to meet you some day!

saucybellum said...

Hello, Alison, Friend of Chris ( that an official title??)...

That's right, you DON'T know me. If you did, you'd know that C has had to physically restrain me from requesting you as a friend on Facebook (or was that MySpace??). I guess he didn't want me to scare you away before he had a chance to orchestrate a good, ol' fashioned meet and greet. absolutely did not freak me out.

I have to say, I appreciate that you have kept a look out for my beloved lemonade. I may actually take you up on the stockpiling offer if the angry letters that I've written to my local grocers don't pan out...I'll keep you posted. :)

I'm hoping that "some day" comes sooner than later, new friend (AKA: Friend of Chris)! :)

Alison said...


I'd like to think Friend of Chris is an official title--it's an elite club :)

That's Chris for you... he doesnt like to share me, apparently. It must be on Myspace since he doesnt have Facebook. I hardly ever get on Myspace these days. I'm more of a Facebook gal since most of my co-workers, and people I hang out with use it as their primary form of correspondence.

I am hoping to tag along to Vegas this spring, but if that doesn't happen I will just be making a trip to Charlotte. My work schedule is kind of tricky when school is in session, so it's easier to plan trips for May/June.

Let me know if you need me to stock-pile the lemonade! For awhile 7-Up stopped stocking the stores in Lawrence with my fave, Diet Cherry 7-Up. I was angry, then depressed--then it came back. So all is kosher again.

You could always take a trip down to Atlanta and stock up there--or I do know one of the regional "higher ups", Although, he mainly focuses on Egypt and that area.

I think Ive written too much for a comment!