Monday, January 5, 2009

And this should finish it off....

The last week of December was the busiest week ever. Okay...maybe not the busiest, but still...there was definitely no extra time to blog.
I left at 5:30 on Christmas Eve morning to make my way to St. Louis. This is what I found when I got there... Yeah. That's Sadie....crying. Come to find out, she cries 93.7% of the time. If she's not eating (which she wants to do every half hour) or sleeping (which she won't do until 2:30am), she's crying. One of my favorite moments is when I put a status update on my Facebook that said something like"Sadie won't stop crying" and Julie responded with, "Give her some wrapping paper to play with."
Oh, Julie. Ummm....yeah. No. Good try, though.

After Sadie left, Zack and Jade (my little brother and his wife) came over. I like to think that they weren't waiting for Sadie to leave to come over, but it was awfully convenient that they showed up mere moments after her departure.
We exchanged gifts that night...I am now the proud owner of an avocado green neck warmer, made by Zack. It features three buttons for closure...closure around your neck brace. Unfortunately, I haven't had any neck injuries lately. Maybe someday, though. It did produce some pretty good laughs though....sorry I don't have any pictures with it on (I think my mom has custody of those...)

This picture was taken Christmas morning. Now that is one cute kid. Logan opened a helmet from Santa (before mom and dad gave him his bike) and seemed a little bummed, but still remained optimistic when he shrugged his shoulders and said, "I can use this when I get a bike for my birthday."
Little did he know, he only had to wait about 10 more minutes until his dad brought out his bike from the back room...
Man...when I was four, I was rockin' the Big Wheel. How times have changed....

I'm trying to teach Sadie how to do the self portrait in this pic. Silly girl could never get the concept of looking at the camera. I suppose that was a bit much to ask of a 3 month old.
(She wasn't crying in this picture because she just woke up, be assured that she was bawling within 9 minutes of this being taken...)

My mom had asked her friend (who just happens to be a professional photographer) to do our family pictures (which definitely haven't been taken for about 10 years). I love that I had just done my hair and then it got rained on right before the picture. The funny thing is, there isn't much difference between "perfect hair" and "rained-on hair". Oh, well....what can you do??
Here's the picture of my whole family...

And here's the one of my brothers and me. My mom pointed out that the three of us look absolutely nothing alike and then promptly stated, "I promise, you all have the same father."
Ummm....I wasn't questioning it, but now that you've pointed it out...hmmmmmmmmm....

On Friday (December 26th), my cousin, Geoff, married his longtime girlfriend, Carrie Leigh. They were married in a small, candlelit (candlelit because there was no electricity 100 years ago) ceremony at the Old Peace Chapel (Daniel Boone's chapel or something like that). They had a larger reception later that night.
Here's a picture of Geoff checking out his surprise groom's cake. Geoff is a drummer and this cake was pretty amazing...
I just want to know who ate it after the wedding.

I love these two pictures. The first one is of Cassie and the second one is of Carrie. You can definitely tell that they are sisters, can't you??

Here's a picture of Carrie's husband, Matt. I actually have about 10 pictures of Matt (and of Carrie and Matt) at the head table. I'm not sure why he wanted to take so many, but I think it may have something to do with being bummed that his "special day" happened almost 2 years ago....

Instead of those cheesy favors that you usually get at weddings, Carrie and Geoff had a photo booth. It would spit out 2 copies, one to keep and the other one to put in the photo album that you would sign for the bride and groom. It was AWESOME. We just kept picking up our pictures and then we'd go to the end of the line to do it all over again.

I really can't explain any of these...
The bride informed me that someone spilled a red drink down her dress during this one...
I have to say...I drank NOTHING red at that reception. So I DIDN'T DO IT!! YAY ME!!!

Carrie and I tried to do the "heart hands" in the first picture...our "heart hands" suck.
I flew back to Charlotte on December plane got in at 7:45pm. I got to my car and was going to meet Chris for dinner before I went back to the airport at 11:30 to pick up Julie. My car broke down by the Bloom on Sugar Creek at 8:30. It was such a sad way to go. I had always hoped that when my car died, it just wouldn't start one morning (you know, kind of like dying in it's sleep). No, no, no...poor Chris had to come push it up a hill to get it in the parking lot of Bloom. As I'm typing's still there (I had a little trouble finding my title, but it's all good now...I finally found it yesterday).
I'm just so thankful that 1. Chris was in town (he got in that morning) to come save me and 2. Emily and Dan were in town the next day to help me car shop.
It was an ALL DAY event and I had rules that I had to follow.
1. Keep it under 50,000 miles (preferably 20-30K).
2. We're getting the extended warranty.
3. No used American-made cars.
4. No VWs.
5. No talking.

I followed the rules. Emily and Dan were awe inspiring...pretty much tag-teaming the sales guy, playing good cop (Dan), bad cop (Em). I really don't think I could have done it without them.
And this is what I ended up with....a 2006 Hyundai Tucson. I think it's cute...and I don't care what you say (okay, I do...stop making me question myself...thanks).

Alright. I'm tired. I guess I'm going to have to have one more December post.


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