Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I just want to know if the new stimulus package includes another $600 in my mailbox...

I don't know if this is weird or not (Julie...can you let me know???), but I've been wearing the exact same mismatched "outfit" from 5:30-11pm every night this week. I say "outfit" like that because it's not so much an outfit as it is blue Adidas track pants that I've had since the 10th grade and the comfiest (ugliest) red hoodie ever. Does it match? Heck no. Is it warm? Heck yes. It just makes me sad that my hoodie/track pants combo is starting to smell.

I realize that I haven't blogged it out in awhile, but I've been busy. You know, with stuff...
Okay, I're dying to know with what....right? Allow me to fill you in...

I vaguely remember feeling like poo and having Jackie beg me to go home. No, no, no....I stuck it out. I'm a bit of a rock star like that. When I got home, I made 50 mini strawberry cupcakes and a mini strawberry cake (not in the "cup" form, thank God) for Julie's birthday and then went to take a shower to feel a little better. After my shower, I got a phone call from Sam saying that they weren't coming over due to illness, but she still wanted some French toast brought to her. Blah, blah, blah...boring, boring...we (C, J, and I) inhaled some breakfast for dinner and I ran over to Sam's to drop off the leftovers. It made me a little sad that she had the syrup sitting out already when I got there. There weren't many words exchanged, she pretty much just grabbed the Tupperware containers and made her way back upstairs. I found out later that she had been looking forward to it all day. Wow. I really need to teach that gal how to cook if that's the only thing she has to look forward to.
After dropping off the goods, I went back home and we watched Iron Man. I am surprised that I actually enjoyed it...

The first half of the day was spent lounging in the bathtub. Yes. I have a hard life. But in my defense, I just wanted to get warm.
Post-bath, I got ready for Julie's birthday and headed over to Chris' around 6. After wrapping her present, we went to pick J up to go to her first birthday location, Nakato. I wasn't sure if she wanted those sweet Japanese-Americans singing an odd version of Happy Birthday to her, so I chose to forgo telling them that it was her birthday (although, if they just paid a little attention, they would have noticed that she had unwrapped a Snuggie and GPS at the table...something tells me that they feel as awkward singing it as I do listening to it, though...).
After a super-filling (HA! Kidding...I had sushi and was starving within the hour...) dinner, we walked across the parking lot to Bailey's Sports Bar and Grille (I love when places add "e" to the end of words to make them "grille", "shoppe", and "olde").
It was a lovely evening, filled with J's closest friends. I have to be honest....I knew about half of them. Here are the highlights that I actually remember:
- Realizing that Bailey's definitely isn't the place to go if you want Red Bull, Smirnoff Ice, or good wine.
- Chris wanting someone to steal his shot glass for him (he wouldn't and no one else did).
- Mike "forcing" (HA!) Julie to smoke a 30th birthday cigar.
- That blessed soft pretzel/buffalo wing/cheese stick plate that came out around 1am.
- Back at J's house, having her force (this was a real force, unlike the the cigar "force") C & I to try out her Snuggie....and take pictures while wearing it. Note: I still believe that no one should wear a blanket, even if it is considered heaven with arm holes.
- C driving my car home more recklessly than I have ever driven it. Please take into consideration that by other people's standards, he drives like a normal person and I drive like an 87 year old grandmother. Ten and two, people....TEN AND TWO!!!!

I heart waking up in my own filth. It's my favorite part of spending an evening in a bar filled with smoke. The only thing that could be better than secondhand smoke would be getting cancer from it. Nothing says "I'm supporting your decision to kill yourself" like inhaling the toxins with some of your best pals.
After washing my hair (TWICE!) and throwing some foul smelling clothing into the wash, I made my way over to Chris' and then we went down to J's for some post-birthday lunch at Applebee's. I can't step foot into that restaurant without hearing John Corbett's voice.
After lunch, we went to see Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Ummm....Julie liked it. That's all I have to say about that. After the movie, we went to take Julie home and then stuck around....for 5 hours. Sticking around included yummy (!!!!!) Donato's Pizza, a new television show (Flight of the Conchords...check it out...thank me, errr...Julie, later), and Superbad. I definitely should have gotten to bed earlier, but I'm glad we "stuck around".

Work, work, work....I swear....they act like they are paying me for my time or something. :)
Jackie was kind enough to switch hours with me so that I could go to the doctor at 3. I love doctors (lie). I especially love doctors that get up in my bid-ness (lie again). I'm thankful that it's over (complete and utter truth). Now all I have to do is go back for a 3 month follow-up. that I think about it, what is she really wanting to "follow up" on in three months? My insurance deductible, that's what! She's in it for the benjamens, baby!
After hanging out at the hizzy for awhile after my appointment, I went over to the Fisicaro's to make nice with Sam. I didn't realize that we weren't "nice", but she had left a message on my phone proclaiming that I needed to come over and make sure we were good. Whatever. Sam and I are always good....even when we aren't good (yeah, that's not supposed to make sense).

More work. And a long (long) meeting. But mainly just work.
After work, I managed to unload the dishwasher and plant myself on the couch. Sam came over to join me on the couch. It was nice. The end.

Is it sad that it's 8pm and I have to think really hard about what I did today that wasn't work? I'm trying my darnedest to not be negative, but I have to say....I wouldn't consider today as one of my top ten days (not even top ten out of my last eleven days). Jackie and I looked at each other probably 100 times today, shook our heads, and said, "Seriously?!?!"
She text me just a little bit ago and asked if it got any better. All I could say was, "No."
I think Jackie explains it best...
"I go from zero to sixty really fast. I stay calm....calm....calm....but if you happen to be the 10th person that is an idiot around me, I will kill you."
Mind you, I'm paraphrasing, but still....we agree wholeheartedly in that sentiment. We joked today that the two of us need to go to couples therapy. Not because we aren't getting along, but because we share the same disdain for stupid people and we don't think normal people get irritated at them the way we do. We just happen to get irritated at the exact same time (hence making us a couple of irritated people in need of therapy).

Upcoming events in the life o' Sarah:
Not much....let me see...
Friday: I'll be taking in some Improv fun with a few of my closest pals at The Graduate.
Saturday: I'll be going to see Gran Torino with Kim (and whoever else wants to go) at the new Epicenter theatre.
Sunday: I'll be doing what I do every Sunday...eating breakfast and being happy....

Here's hoping this finds you just that.....happy.


Julie said...

The mismatched outfit isn't weird! That's me everyday!

And thanks again for my wonderful birthday weekend!!

Shoppe...ha! I love it. Boston!!

I won't be at breakfast on Sunday though, sorry!! I'll be at Sam & Brian's for the Super Bowl though!!

whatnot said...

Happy Birthday to the lovely friend of my lovely daughter!
Julie--just a wise word of encouragement (Sarah pays no attention whatsoever to my incredible wisdom so I thought I'd impart some to you instead.) Here goes: Sometimes being 30 sucks. But then so does every other age....except for 50, which is what I am. 50 totally rocks. So in 20 years you are going to have the best year of your life. If you don't believe me, ask all the other 50 year olds you know and they'll tell you that 50 is the age to be. If they tell you any differently, then they're lying.
So there you have it, Julie...if you ever have a bad day, just remember that in only 20 years life gets really good.

Alison said...

So.. do we get another stimulus check? :)

Everytime I go to Subway here in Lawrence, Kansas... I think of you. Why? Not because you remind me of cold cuts, but because the soda machines dispense Minute Maid Light Lemonade :)