Monday, February 2, 2009

How long?

I'm writing this blog for the main purpose of seeing how long my new computer battery lasts. It's not technically new, just new to me. The Apple store sells a new one for $125. I found one on Ebay for $24.99. If the thing can hold a charge for 2 hours, I'm going to be pleased. Of's been about 5 minutes and I'm at 95%. So, I may be just 20 minutes short of my goal. Oh, well...that's still better than the battery being drained in 3 minutes. Go me!

Now I just need to figure out what to write about.
AH! I'll switch it up a bit. I'm always giving a play-by-play of the weekend, maybe this time I'll go backwards. I'm a huge fan of breaking the rules (or something like that).

Ugh. I'm gross. I woke up this morning and stumbled into work, pretty much just to unlock the doors and walk back out 30 minutes later. I'm making it very clear that I'm blaming Dr. Dunlop for all of this. He came into work sick last week, complaining that it would cost him $2500 if he had to hire someone to take his place for a day. Really? $2500 a day?? Sucks to be you, Dr. to be you.
I spent the day curled up on the couch, watching stupid daytime TV. BTW...Kathy Lee Gifford is an idiot. She was interviewing a man from the advertising agency Deutsch Inc. and she did the lead in pronouncing it "douche". Did she not think that it might be somewhat offensive to call someone a douche on live TV? If that wasn't bad enough, she did her uber-annoying eye roll/lip lick combo. And then talked about Cassidy and Cody. Okay, okay...maybe she didn't talk about her kids (are they in college yet??), but she did annoy me with her face.
Point: I didn't do much today. Although, after my 3 hour nap and 2 hour bath, I am feeling a bit better. I'm quite sure I'll be back to work tomorrow.

I had written on my last blog that I was going to do on Sunday what I do every Sunday (eat breakfast and be happy). Unfortunately, I had forgotten to add the Super Bowl into my equation. So, I slept in, took a bath, went to the Teet, and headed over to the Fisicaro's for some football watchin' fun with some of my best pals. It was...ummm.....yummy. There was some seriously delicious grub everywhere. I'm thinking that maybe we should pretend that it's the Super Bowl every week. What do you say??? Championship bowling is on ESPN2??? Bring on the buffalo wing dip!! Huh? The WNBA is playing somewhere (and is definitely never going to be on TV)?? We must grill some meat immediately and imagine that we care about the game! Oh...who am I kidding? I don't know anyone who can even pretend that they care about the WNBA.

I woke up pretty late and bathed for about 4 hours. I've been reading a book (that is around the same size as War and Peace) and there is nothing better than reading in the bathtub.
Around 4:30, I realized that maybe I should get ready and head over to C's. We made our way down to the new Wild Wing Cafe at the Epicentre around 7:30 and waited half an hour for a table. It actually worked out pretty well since Kim and Jimmy were half an hour late and got there about 2 minutes after we were sat. After having my way with those scrumptious mini cheeseburgers (and skipping over the non-Patti Labelle macaroni and cheese), we went to the comfiest movie theater ever to see Gran Torino. It was a little weird that people could eat steak while watching a movie, but still...I thoroughly enjoyed it.
After the movie, Chris and I set out to find his car (because I had worn the most uncomfortable shoes and wanted to change them). It only took about 38 minutes. Yeah...maybe it was my fault. Maybe I did say that we were parked in section P5 and maybe section P5 doesn't exist. SO?!?! Exercise in 4 inch heels is important, people!
Once we found the car (I say "we", but I mean "Chris"), we moved it to a parking spot closer to the stairwell. At least that way we didn't really have to remember where it was after our next excursion out of the parking garage.
We finally made it to Blackfin, had a few drinks, and managed to close the place out. I think I fell asleep around 4am. It was lovely.

After work, I met the crew downtown at The Graduate for some bar-type dinner and some improv fun. After the improv show (where I learned that my friends have a wild imagination), we went to Thomas Street Tavern. Around midnight, Sam, Brian, Chris, Thomas, and I went to the Fisicaro's house (Julie and Laura had gotten bored with us about an hour earlier). Of course, I had to stop by my house first to change out of my smoky clothes and into my quilty pj pants. Did it hurt my feelings when someone (I'm not naming any names) asked, "What are you wearing??"
No. It did not. Well, okay. Maybe a little bit. I don't care....they are crazy comfortable (see below...don't they just LOOK crazy comfortable??). At least he (or she) didn't tell me the next day never to wear them again. :)
I went home around 4am and was thanking God the whole way home that I live only a mile from Sam's. If I didn't, I definitely would have been sleeping on the couch that night...

Well, between setting the computer down to field some work questions/texts and pseudo-watching old episodes of How I Met Your Mother on has now been an hour and forty minutes and I am now out of battery. Not bad, cheap battery, not bad...


Anonymous said...

"Oh...who am I kidding? I don't know anyone who can even pretend that they care about the WNBA. "

You must not get out a lot, then.

saucybellum said...

Oh, must be a parent of one of the players.

I apologize.

whatnot said...

Is there really a product called "non-Patti Labelle Macaroni and Cheese"? Is it made by the same company that created, "non-Aretha Franklin Toaster Streudel"?