Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I have very rarely carried an umbrella. I really don't see the point, it's not like a little bit of rain can hurt you and and umbrella tends to just get in the way. Not to forget the fact that getting into my car with an open umbrella seems to get me more drenched than just a quick run to my car sans umbrella would get me. Well, this theory only works when there isn't a freaking monsoon outside.

I really didn't want to leave the house this evening, but as I was changing into my comfy clothes (yes, the Adidas track pants and hideous red pullover), I remembered that I was put in charge of getting a coworker's bridal shower gift. I figured it would be a quick trip to Target, so I just put on my flippies (aka: flip-flops, sandals, or (if you're really retro) thongs...) and ran out the door. Let me first say that when I left, it wasn't even sprinkling.

As I pulled into the parking lot (which is about half the size that it used to be, thanks to all of the construction going on), I saw that someone was pulling out of a spot right next to the door. I was stoked and waited patiently. Waited, waited....and then almost LOST it (alright, I lost it a little bit...okay, a lot...) when some stupid man pulled around the corner and pulled into the spot before I could get to it. Deep breaths....DEEEEEEEEEP breaths....

I found another spot at the far end of the parking lot, which was fine. I could use the exercise....or something like that.

You know those people that look at a gift registry and buy the cheapest thing on it (utensils and whatnot)??? I hate those people. So...I became the person that EVERYONE hates. I bought every cheap item on the list. Could I have just bought one large item?? Of course. Did I want to? No. I want to be that girl that gives 542 utensils, darnit!

As I am checking out (and the cashier is eyeballin' me with all of the gift-registry judgment she can muster...), we hear a loud crash of thunder. I was convinced that it was a a car wreck outside. It was not.

I walk towards the door with my bags and bags of cheap utensils and Diet Coke to find an insane downpour....and an angel of a woman. She looks at me, then looks at my cart and then looks back at me and says, "Honey, you take my umbrella. I promise...I'm very trustworthy. Go get your car and pull it around, I'll watch your stuff."
Since I was in no position to argue (remember...a MAN took my close parking spot), I took her purple umbrella and made my way to my car. Of course, once I got to my car, I had an issue closing the umbrella and managed to soak the inside of my car...and my legs....and my jacket...and my head. I pulled my car around, and thanked the woman for being so kind. And then sat in my car for a moment and realized that I had standing water in my new car.

It was raining SO HARD that I now have STANDING WATER in my car!

So, just to be clear...
1. I'm waiting for the rain to stop to go outside and try to soak up the water in my car.
2. Women are nice.
3. Men may be better drivers, but they can many times be complete douche bags while driving.

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