Friday, December 26, 2008

Didn't see that one coming...

So I started September off great. C, J, E, and I were rockin' it out in Boston and having the best time ever (well, I was having the best time ever...I don't know about them). The pictures do scream of "best time ever", though...wouldn't you agree? Okay. So maybe these pictures don't necessarily show how great of a time we had, but really. Good times.

After Boston, I made my way west to St. Louis. As I've already said in a previous blog...I went to see Sadie be born. As many of you know....I missed it. She was born the night of September 15th, I had left that morning.'s a sore subject.

When going through my pictures, I found hundreds of pictures from Boston (three people were taking pictures...I happen to have all of them on my computer), but I also found a few from St. Louis. When I lived in STL a couple years ago, these are the people that I spent all of my time with and it was really awesome going to our old place (Blue Sky) and just hanging out.

(I realize this is a pretty random post, but I must's pretty hard writing about something that you've already written about.)

The rest of September was spent recuperating from being gone for 2 1/2 weeks.

So, there you have it...I'll never talk about September again. Hopefully that wasn't too painful for you...

Thursday, December 25, 2008


(I would not be surprised one bit if my Grandpa suggests that we go to the Chinese Buffet for dinner. Then again, there is nothing wrong with predictability...even if I really don't care for Chinese food or buffets...)

In hopes of sounding completely and utterly cliche, I hope you all have a very, very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Now...go out and do what the wise men did on the first Christmas...round up everyone you know and hit the movie theatre. What better way to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior than by going to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button?

Oh, that Brad Pitt...he's so dreamy.....even with that creepy mustache he's sportin' right now.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I know it's Christmas Eve, but you're getting August...

I'm now starting to get into events that I've already blogged about....and since I'm sure you re-read my blog all of the time, this will just serve as a refresher (or something like that).

Something I didn't blog about was going on Brian and Sam's boat a couple times. The first time was with Sam, Brian, Chris, Thomas, and Thomas' friend from Kansas, Jenni. She was a very sweet girl and I appreciated that she had the testicular fortitude to have some tubing fun with Sam (I would have been bummed if I was forced into doing it...). I love being on a boat, I don't love being out of the boat so much. Very rarely will you find me swimming in the lake....especially a lake that was created for a nuclear power plant. I can't help but think that water that makes fish grow abnormally large, well, it just can't be good for your ovaries. I'll stay in the boat. Thanks.

Notice. Me (& C). IN the boat:Notice. Sam. OUT of the boat (she's not too concerned about her ovaries since she's already popped out a couple kids and is DONE with that):
Also while Jenni was in town, a big group went to Jokers in Mooresville. I'm going to avoid getting into trouble and just say that I got to hear a very expensive version of the KU fight song. Here's some more pictures that I stole from Thomas...

I love this picture of Beth...Jenni and Thomas...
At the end of the month, C, J, and I headed up north for a little Beantown fun. Thanks to Emily's insanely awesome vacation planning skills, we had a fantastic time. Since I've already written about it, I'll just throw in some pictures...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dave and Boston and Glen...oh my....


How can you not have a great month if you start it off by going to see Dave Matthews? On July 1st, Julie, Chris, Scott and I had some preconcert fun in the parking lot of Verizon Amphitheatre. I'm actually pretty shocked that I took any pictures...The weekend of July 4th, I headed up to Boston (thanks to Dan's frequent flier miles...THANKS DAN!) and had a great time with Em. It was the first time that I had ever been to Boston and I learned quickly why Emily didn't let me pack heels. Lots and lots (and lots) of walking ensued.
We went up to Dan's office to watch the fireworks over the Charles River. It was definitely the best July 4th I had ever had....even with the skunky wine I had bought. Layer Cake Wine=NOT GOOD. The wine on the right that Dan bought was good though... I forced Emily to take a picture next to her office. I'm a nerd like that...
Also included in this trip:
- Dinner at Estragon
- Dan's yummy, yummy crab cakes
- Enjoying Dan's yummy, yummy crab cakes while witnessing Crazy Patty (the CEO's admin) suck up up to Dan and Emily
- Going on a Boston Duck Tour
- Annnnnnddddd........CHOWDER FEST (Actually pronounced "Chowda")

*Sigh*...I miss my girl...

On July 9th, there was a party at Fox and Hound (I think they let the BofA softball team have the room because of Brian and Scott's birthday party the month before). I realize that I am in no way affiliated with the Bank of America softball team, but who am I to miss out on a party?? As the sign said...apparently Chris Stucky was a VIP.
On July 12th, the beach crew got back together for some dinner at Solstice and the Glen Phillips concert at the Evening Muse. It was great hanging out with everyone again, but I must was SOOOO HOT in the Evening Muse. It was so packed, that I'm pretty sure some fire codes were being violated (good thing we were standing near the door in case Glen's pyrotechnics got out of hand). After the concert, we went back to Solstice to hang out for a bit.
Sadly enough, that's just the first half of the month....and that's all I've got. I have no idea what I did the second half of the month. There are no pictures to document it...

Monday, December 22, 2008


After my big, dramatic move out of the church, June ended up being a pretty great month.

June 7th was Brian and Scott's 30th birthday party at Fox and Hound.
A few highlights:
- Actually pulling off the "surprise" part of the party (at least, I think we did...)
- The giant cake
- Scott putting his face in the giant cake
- Sam licking the frosting off of Scott's face....and Brian just laughing about it.
Of course, there were other great moments of the night, I just think it's better to see the pictures for yourself. Yay! More cut and paste fun!

On June 12th, Chris and Julie talked me into going to the Outer Banks with everyone (everyone including C, J, Thomas, Beth, Mike, and Wendy). The thing was...they were leaving in two days. Everyone at work was so great...they knew that I had a pretty bad time with the whole moving thing and were so quick to tell me to take a few days off.
So on the morning of June 14th, we met at Beth's and made our way to the Outer Banks.
I think Thomas does a better job of recapping the whole trip, so if you want to read about it...go here:
If you want to see more pictures, go here (don't you love that I'm sending you to all these different places???):

I can't remember the last time that I had such a relaxing vacation. There was no schedule and everyone just did what they wanted to do. It. Was. Amazing.

On June 28th, I had my Steak Out at the new place. It was really great being able to thank the guys for helping me move. And it was REALLY great having steak (I heart a good steak...especially with Dan's bleu cheese butter on top of it....mmmmmmm....).
(I'm starting to wonder if the guys are going to realize what a mistake it was teaching me how to play poker. Now instead of just taking a picture of them playing poker, I'll be the annoying chick saying, "I want to play!". Oh well...I'm sure they'll get over it...I'm easy money.)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Blessed May.

As I'm looking through my pictures, I'm realizing what a huge, huge month May was. 

The beginning of May was spent in NYC with my mom, Laura, and some of my mom's friends. It was my first time in the Big Apple (why do people call it that??) and I had a great time. 
I had written about my trip on my Myspace blog (don't worry, people...I'm not writing on that silly ol' thing anymore...), but if you want to read about my trip (or rather, the common theme  in every musical on Broadway) you can go here:

(Yeah...I'm not sure how to make that a clickable're going to have to use your cut and paste skillz with that one, sorry...)

On May 10th (says my handy iPhoto program) I went with Scott, Sheesh, Julie, and Thomas to Tavern on the Tracks.
On May 17th I went with Chris, Beth, Mike, and Marc to the Double Door to see Steady Rollin' Bob Margolin. I don't really remember much from that night (Don't you love that I keep telling you all of these events and all I can say is, "I don't remember"??), but I'm pretty sure it was a good time...

On May 24th, a bunch of people went to Wild Wing Cafe to have some drinks. That night produced one of my favorite pictures. I still can't really explain why I love it so much...I guess because Chris, Marc, and Mike had their arms crossed the exact same way and they had the same expression (or expressionless look, rather) on their faces. In no way was this posed...I just remember Julie whispering to me, "Take a picture, take a picture!!!" 
And so that's what I did (I'm a bit of a follower like that)...

The last week of May was a bit of a blur. I had gone out to dinner with Em and Dan, they talked me into moving into Emily's place, and I went home to tell Adam. I told him that I'd be out before he got back from the Bahamas (which meant I had one week to get out). 

On May 31st, Brian, Chris, Thomas, and Mike came over to help me move all of my stuff to Cornelius. I really don't know what I would have done without them. I can scream all I want that I don't need a man, but seriously...when stuff gets heavy (literally...boxes=heavy), I need a man. In this case....four GREAT men. 

That night, I went over to Marc's house for Mike's birthday party (oh, yes...even when he should have been celebrating his birthday, Mike was at my apartment helping me have no idea how nice this guy is). 

So. There you have it. A pretty life-changing month.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I hope I start remembering more stuff as the months pass....

It's funny to try to remember events and then look at pictures and think, "Really!?! That was in April???"
I could have sworn that some of this stuff happened in July...

The one thing that happened that I know happened in April, was watching the Kansas/Memphis game at Chris & Thomas' place. The only reason I know that is because, well, the NCAA Championship game can't be played in July. Jayhawks won. Everyone was happy. I was happy that all of the Kansans were happy. The end. pictures (that I, once again, stole from Thomas) tell me that somewhere in April, I went out with Brian, Chris, Thomas, Scott, and Sheesh for some dinner/drinks. We went to Mia Famiglia for dinner (I vaguely remember needing steak), headed up to Mooresville to the dueling piano bar Jokers, and then went to Brickhouse in Davidson for some drinks. Actually, knowing what I know now about Sheila, I'm kind of shocked that she stayed up so late and went to Brickhouse with everyone. I like to think that she really just couldn't stop hanging out with me. I didn't say that's why, I said that I like to think that. 
I've been sitting here for about 20 minutes now, trying to remember if this was also the night that Brian locked us out of his house. It had to have been. I believe the reason Sam didn't go with us that night was because she was in Baton Rouge with the kiddos. Brian and I had just gotten back to his house, but then decided that McDonald's sounded really good, so we walked right back out the door to get some delicious grub. When we got back, Brian realized that he locked his house keys (along with know...because I was wearing my tight pants and didn't want to carry them around with me all night...ha!) in the house. So we got back in his car and went over to his parents house to steal his house key off of Lulu's keychain. 
We later found out that Lulu heard somebody in the house, freaked out, and was up for hours. I feel bad that I was probably in bed and already asleep before she ever calmed down. 
Brian....being Brian...called me the next day to apologize. I still don't understand why he was apologizing. 
OHHHH! Here's a classic picture that speaks volumes for what kind of state B was in...
Please let me say that this side of Brian doesn't come out very often. Actually...I don't believe it came out again until the LSU game vs Auburn in September. You'll have to wait for that story, though...

Friday, December 19, 2008

I can't think of a title.

This month (much like the two before and the nine after) will bore you. Don't complain to me...

I really wish I had more than one event to talk about in March. But honestly, I've got just the one that I can remember...

Chris' birthday.

It's funny that I only remember some random happenings from that night. Sitting at the end of the table (At WHICH restaurant??? Don't ask me...) with Sam and Brian. Going to some bar with a bunch of people, then going to another "club" (don't you love that I say "club" like that?) with a few people.

Somewhere between the bar and the "club", J, C, and I started to become what would eventually be called the V3 (called the "V3" by pretty much just the three of us). Get over'll never join our super-exclusive club. There can only be 3 members and 1 honorary member (and that's already taken up by Em...sorry).
Okay, I'm being mean. Sorry. I'm feeling a little bitter today. But can try to join us, but there are very few people who can keep up with our witty, nonsensical talk. Really. We are the only ones who find each other hilarious...everyone else just seems to get offended by what we say...

I realize...I may have said too much (and will be subsequently told to delete this entire blog). Really...I probably should not be writing "March" today.

I stole them from Julie...ENJOY! "myself" today....sorry...

I can't believe I almost forgot!! My mom turned 50 on March 23rd. YAY MOM!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

What, what....

Dear Diary,

Today is day two of this journey called "Sarah's 2008 in Review". I believe I've lost some people already...but I shall forge on...


It's funny that I have to look through my pictures to remember the events in my life. Apparently, it was February 1st when we ("we" as in "everyone I work with") went to 131 Main for Jackie's birthday (her birthday is technically at the end of January, but my pictures tell me we went out to eat on 2/1). The thing I remember about this night was waiting...and waiting...and waiting to be sat. And feeling really bad, because I was the one who made the reservations...
Lots of pictures were's a cute one of Jackie and Phil...

Valentines Day was spent with Emily and Debbie (and Dan, I think...) at Brickhouse Tavern. There are no pictures of that night, so you should be really proud of me for remembering that we actually did something on that day. I'm totally going to be informed that Brickhouse dinner didn't actually happen, aren't I??

Drum roll, please....
February birthday!!!
I know I've already written about this night (see the blog about my thankfulness for Brian Fisicaro), so I will just add a bunch of pictures and say...this was a pivotal night in my life. The night I realized who my real friends are...

(Wow...I really thought I had a lot more pictures from that night. Sorry for the let down...)

HA! To try and find more pictures to steal from Thomas (not that some of these aren't already stolen from Thomas), I made my way over to his blog. It's kind of funny to see how he remembers this ever-so-important night in my life.

Please realize that I'm stealing this without his permission...I'm a rebel like that...

Saturday I got up late again, hung around the house, before Chris and I went to Fox and Hound for dinner. Met up with Brian at 131 Main up north as well. One of his wife’s friends, Sarah was having a birthday party there, so we stopped by. Left just before 10pm, headed down to Brick and Barrel where we met up with Mike and Marc Grosz, Julie, Beth, Lael, and one of her friends. Had some drinks, ended up coasting through the night. Around 12:30am, Brian’s wife Sam showed up with Sarah and this girl Emily. We ended up all dancing the night away and made it a late night.

(It's funny that they ended up dancing the night away once we arrived, I guess we are the party...I kid, I kid...)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This may work, but probably won't...we'll see...

So I've been thinking that maybe I should do a blog version of that horrible Christmas letter that you get in the mail that informs you of everything the person has been up to every month of the year. Believe it or not...if I cared what you were up to, I would probably have kept up with what you have been doing during the course of the year. But still, I imagine that I'm way more important than anyone who sends that boring letter, therefore you'll be super excited to come back every day and see what I did. Right?!?!
Okay...probably not.
(At least this serves as a warning and you can't blame me for boring you to tears...)

I wonder if I'm going to remember anything about this year!?!? I shall try...

Here I go...

New Years Eve was spent in the exact room that I am sitting right now, but I must say...I'm in a completely different place than I was January 1st. First off, I wasn't living here. Second, well...I wasn't living here. Emily threw a fantastic party (from what I remember) and I don't believe I even made it upstairs to "my room" (which is now the guest room).

January 11th is Emily's birthday and we went out with Dan, Trish, Bob, Debbie, and Christian to Soiree in Mooresville. The only thing I remember about that meal is the awesome creme brulee at the end of the meal. What does that say about me? Yeah, we're not going to talk about it.

So, there you have it. Everything I remember about January 2008. I realize it's not much, but you should be proud...because I tend to forget what I had for lunch.