Friday, December 19, 2008

I can't think of a title.

This month (much like the two before and the nine after) will bore you. Don't complain to me...

I really wish I had more than one event to talk about in March. But honestly, I've got just the one that I can remember...

Chris' birthday.

It's funny that I only remember some random happenings from that night. Sitting at the end of the table (At WHICH restaurant??? Don't ask me...) with Sam and Brian. Going to some bar with a bunch of people, then going to another "club" (don't you love that I say "club" like that?) with a few people.

Somewhere between the bar and the "club", J, C, and I started to become what would eventually be called the V3 (called the "V3" by pretty much just the three of us). Get over'll never join our super-exclusive club. There can only be 3 members and 1 honorary member (and that's already taken up by Em...sorry).
Okay, I'm being mean. Sorry. I'm feeling a little bitter today. But can try to join us, but there are very few people who can keep up with our witty, nonsensical talk. Really. We are the only ones who find each other hilarious...everyone else just seems to get offended by what we say...

I realize...I may have said too much (and will be subsequently told to delete this entire blog). Really...I probably should not be writing "March" today.

I stole them from Julie...ENJOY! "myself" today....sorry...

I can't believe I almost forgot!! My mom turned 50 on March 23rd. YAY MOM!


Julie said...

No need to delete! Snarky cliques are the best!

Anonymous said...

I almost forgot we were celebs...oh the High Life...and not the Miller kind. :)

P.s. Its a little weird seeing all these pics of you with the long hair...I have to say...I like it shawty.