Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dave and Boston and Glen...oh my....


How can you not have a great month if you start it off by going to see Dave Matthews? On July 1st, Julie, Chris, Scott and I had some preconcert fun in the parking lot of Verizon Amphitheatre. I'm actually pretty shocked that I took any pictures...The weekend of July 4th, I headed up to Boston (thanks to Dan's frequent flier miles...THANKS DAN!) and had a great time with Em. It was the first time that I had ever been to Boston and I learned quickly why Emily didn't let me pack heels. Lots and lots (and lots) of walking ensued.
We went up to Dan's office to watch the fireworks over the Charles River. It was definitely the best July 4th I had ever had....even with the skunky wine I had bought. Layer Cake Wine=NOT GOOD. The wine on the right that Dan bought was good though... I forced Emily to take a picture next to her office. I'm a nerd like that...
Also included in this trip:
- Dinner at Estragon
- Dan's yummy, yummy crab cakes
- Enjoying Dan's yummy, yummy crab cakes while witnessing Crazy Patty (the CEO's admin) suck up up to Dan and Emily
- Going on a Boston Duck Tour
- Annnnnnddddd........CHOWDER FEST (Actually pronounced "Chowda")

*Sigh*...I miss my girl...

On July 9th, there was a party at Fox and Hound (I think they let the BofA softball team have the room because of Brian and Scott's birthday party the month before). I realize that I am in no way affiliated with the Bank of America softball team, but who am I to miss out on a party?? As the sign said...apparently Chris Stucky was a VIP.
On July 12th, the beach crew got back together for some dinner at Solstice and the Glen Phillips concert at the Evening Muse. It was great hanging out with everyone again, but I must say...it was SOOOO HOT in the Evening Muse. It was so packed, that I'm pretty sure some fire codes were being violated (good thing we were standing near the door in case Glen's pyrotechnics got out of hand). After the concert, we went back to Solstice to hang out for a bit.
Sadly enough, that's just the first half of the month....and that's all I've got. I have no idea what I did the second half of the month. There are no pictures to document it...

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