Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Well maybe I'M a secret millionaire...

I'm not even sure what that title means. I'm sitting at the Fisicaro's house right now, enjoying the ever-so-popular (LIE! I've never even heard of it before) show The Secret Millionaire. It's a show where a millionaire (SHOCKER!) goes undercover (DOUBLE SHOCKER!!!) to find needy people (poor, poor, sad, poor people...) and give them money. Lots and lots of money (that I could actually blow through in about a day). Was that enough parenthesis for you???? Okay. Point: I cried.  Just a little. But still...tears. Millionaires are so nice. Their wives can't even fake being nice....but the actual millionaires? Nice.

Let me see, let me see...
Well, I'm not going to call him dad...EVER! Even if there's a fire!

Okay. Sorry. Sam put in Step Brothers. I couldn't help myself.

Hmmm....good story...good story...I've got to have one somewhere...let me think...

Alright...this one isn't so good, but here you go...
So I went to go pick up my Double Dipper Crockpot that I ordered online (yes, it's awesome) at Lowes on Monday. I really wish I could have taped the woman at the customer service counter. A-MAZING. AAAAA-MAZING. Not even kidding. Let me fill you in on the fantastic exchange:
(I step up to the counter)
Customer Service Lady (from here on out referred to as "CSL"): How can I help you?
Me (from here on out referred to as "Me"): *I'm choking on my own spit*
Me: *cough* (I cover my mouth, mind you....I'm polite like that.)
CSL: Oh. You're choking. Do you need water?
Me: *cough, cough* No, I'm fine. Sorry...
CSL: What can I get you?
Me: I ordered a fantastic double dipper crockpot online that I need to pick up.
CSL: Name.
Me: Sarah Rogers.
CSL: Hold on. (To other CSL, "Where did that guy go from before?" blah, blah, blah...)
*Five minutes pass while I'm "holding on"*
CSL: Sorry. Name?
CSL: And WHAT did you order? 
Me: A crockpot.
CSL: Hold on.
*Crazy woman goes to find my super crockpot and then brings it to me*
Me: Great! Thanks! I'm so excited about this...I've been searching for this online for a week...
CSL: Really? A crockpot?
Me: Yeah, little things get me excited.
CSL: Uhhh...okay.
Me: Yeah, I know it's weird. I guess I just need something to look forward to. 
CSL: Well, I guess that makes sense. I did get pretty excited about my new washer and dryer.
(At this point I realize that the woman is just showing off. I've just purchased a $15 crockpot and went to pick up said crockpot at the store to save on the $10 shipping cost...I am obviously in no position to be dropping $2000 on a fantastic washer/dryer combo like this show-off customer service lady...)
Me: Yeah, great, huh?
CSL: You're all set!
Me: Thanks! I'll think of you when I'm melting fabulous cheeses in my double dipper crockpot!
(That last thing is such a lie. I never said that. Don't think I ever said that. Thanks.) 

Just so you can picture the greatness that is the Double Dipper:
Okay...that was fun....

Hmmm....I'm trying to remember the last thing that I wrote about. I think it may have been Thanksgiving (or Tanksgibbin as my brother/sister-in-law refer to it as...).  I really am trying my best to remember this weekend.

Emily and Dan were in town (SCORE!) and we went to Firebirds with Chris, Julie, and Thomas. It was a fantastic, fantastic, lovely time in which I enjoyed one of my very favorite things in life...a blue (or bleu) cheese filet. Holy crap. Yum. After dinner, Julie, Chris and I went to Fox and Hound where they proceeded to listen to me complain about my life. Good friends, they are...good friends.

We (you know, the crew...E, D, C, and J...) went to Monterrey. Oh, yes. Cheap Mexican food. How great is that?? Post-lunch, C, J, and I went to see Australia. The movie caused me to have a dream about being a "creamy" and getting married, but you'll have to see the movie to know what the heck I'm talking about. Post-movie we went home, where Dan was making us some super-yummy dinner. Good times.

Uhhh...uhhh....I don't remember. Don't judge me.
Wait. Okay. I remember. I went to the Fisicaro's house (much like what I'm doing tonight!)....

You know...the usual. Work. Dinner with C. A sweet gift from my bestestes. Good times. 

Fisicaro's house. It's 11pm and Brian isn't home from work yet. I feel bad for the guy. 

Okay. I've got a headache. I'm out.


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whatnot said...

I know for a fact that if you were a secret millionaire, it would last about 25 minutes, 'cuz you'd be on that show giving it all away....or taking your friends out to expensive places and buying them crap they don't need....or spoiling your nephew and niece. But somehow I think that if you were indeed a wealthy woman, you'd still be thrilled with a $15 crock pot.