Monday, December 8, 2008

Let's give them something to talk about...

I'm sitting here, watching some random TV, trying to figure out what to write about. So, please be aware that this blog is going to be boring (you know it's a bad sign when I don't even know what I'm going to write about and I'm still going to write)...

I guess I'll do a weekend recap. I haven't done that yet, right??

I woke up early on Friday to cut up some potatoes (blessed potatoes...) to make some crock pot potato soup. I swear, crock pots are magic things. You put in a bunch of stuff that doesn't look so good, leave for work, come back 9 hours later, and suddenly you have a yummy meal. I'm telling's magic.
The one unfortunate thing about crock pots is when you find out halfway through your day that 5 of the 6 people that usually come over are sick, you can't just not make dinner.
No, no, no...not with a crock pot. Dinner is already being made, there's no turning back once you start...
So when I got home, I packed up some soup and bread for Brian to pick up and I packed the rest to take over the Chris'. We spent the evening watching a fantastic movie (Leatherheads....please watch it and let me know what you think...). Oh! And C made some apple crisp thing. Crap, that was yummy....

I love Saturdays. Mainly because I don't have to do anything that I don't really want to do. I stayed in bed until about 8am, went downstairs and hung out in a time warp until 1:30 or so. When did THAT happen? After time flew, I took a bath for a couple hours and got ready for Kelly's party. We got to Kelly's at about 8pm and I managed to stay in my safety spot all night long. Yes, yes...I let the party come to me. You want to talk to me? You better come find me in the living room...
Around 11, Scott, Sheesh, Chris, and I went to Whisky River (we live in Charlotte, I'm not sure if they meant to misspell Whiskey) to meet Kim and Jimmy for Jimmy's birthday. I vaguely remember a cop being mad at Chris for trying to turn into a garage that was marked "GARAGE- PARK HERE" (How could he have thought that he was supposed to park there?? Silly boy.)
Once we got into Whisky River, the Steeles weren't feelin' the scene too much and left pretty early. Kim, Jimmy, Chris, and I must have just been rockin' the we're-somebody vibe, because some bouncer guy asked us to come into the VIP area. What is it about a rope that blocks off all the other people from having access to you that makes you feel so much better than them?? Did I just sound evil????'s okay...I was going for that.
I could have sworn that I took some pictures at Kelly's, but my camera memory tells a different story...not one of these were taken at Kelly's...

I think we left Whisky River around 2 and I managed to make my way to Chris' mom did just tell me earlier that night to not drink and drive. I woke up around 7am to my own bar stench. I feel bad...I bet Chris' couch still smells. Whoops.

After ripping off my stinky clothes and jumping in the shower (I had to wash my hair twice, because I could still smell the smoke after the first washing...gross, huh??), I went downstairs and watched Vh1 Top 20 Countdown. Why do I love that show so much?? I watch it twice every weekend now. Sorry, I didn't mean to let you into my Loserville...
Around 11, C came over and we watched football while doing one of my favorite activities....internet surfing. I heart Sundays.
I went to bed around 8:30, fell asleep around 9, and woke up at 10:30 when Sam called. Here's our conversation:
Me: Hello?
Sam: Hey. Uh. Are you asleep.
Me: Mmm-hmmm...
Sam: Don't talk.
Me: What??
Sam: Don't talk, just listen.
Me: Okay. Go.
Sam: (she proceeds to sing me some soft rock song...I'm pretty sure it was Bonnie Raitt's Something to Talk About)
Me: Good night.
Sam: me tomorrow.
Me: *silence* (I was already back to sleep)

I had a dream last night where my dad was telling me something. It's bothered me all day and I wish I could ask someone to fill in the holes (but that's the thing about can't really ask other people what you dream...). All I remember is this: I'm standing in a kitchen making French toast, Chris walks in behind me and I say, "You get to meet my dad today!"
My dad walks in and says.......(this is where you fill in the blank).
Oh, well...what can ya do??

Today (which I realize really isn't the weekend, but still...I've bored you already, let's just add to it...):
My alarm went off at 5am, but I didn't roll out of bed until 6. Oops. I did make it to work before 7, it's all good. The day was crazy and I just kept asking Jackie, "Is this day for real??" and "Is it just me...?" and "Are you kidding me with this nonsense!?!?"
She's a good friend...she just kept rolling her eyes and shaking her head in agreement.
I ran out the door a little after 3 and went over to Sam's to help her cut on her cast. She has the same need for free toes as I do and was bothered that the cast covered up her baby toe. She just needed me to cut it free. After cutting her poor baby toe free, Will woke up and came to hang out with us for awhile. About an hour later, Sam mentions, "Oh...we went to the doctor today and Will has strep."
Yeah. Thanks. I'll be leaving now.

And there you have it. My Monday.
Is my throat starting to hurt already?!?!?!? (I kid, I kid...or am I?!?!?)


whatnot said...

I feel just horrible that I'm always posting on your blogs. Your friends will think you're all pathetic that your mommy keeps butting into your life.

Too bad. Here I go:

I can interpret dreams. Yes. Dreams have meaning. Allow me to interpret yours:

1. The part where you're cooking french toast symbolizes the fact that you like to make breakfast. This is deep stuff...stay with me.
2. The part where Chris walks in symbolizes the fact that Chris likes to eat breakfast.
3. The part where you say, "You get to meet my dad today" means that Chris will die and go to heaven today and meet your dad.

Okay, there's a slight possibility that I am wrong on item #3, but I'm really feeling confident about items #1 & #2

Anonymous said...

Have I told you your mommy makes me laugh??? I can probably trust that she is most likey right in a lot of situations....I'm glad #3 did not happen.