Monday, December 22, 2008


After my big, dramatic move out of the church, June ended up being a pretty great month.

June 7th was Brian and Scott's 30th birthday party at Fox and Hound.
A few highlights:
- Actually pulling off the "surprise" part of the party (at least, I think we did...)
- The giant cake
- Scott putting his face in the giant cake
- Sam licking the frosting off of Scott's face....and Brian just laughing about it.
Of course, there were other great moments of the night, I just think it's better to see the pictures for yourself. Yay! More cut and paste fun!

On June 12th, Chris and Julie talked me into going to the Outer Banks with everyone (everyone including C, J, Thomas, Beth, Mike, and Wendy). The thing was...they were leaving in two days. Everyone at work was so great...they knew that I had a pretty bad time with the whole moving thing and were so quick to tell me to take a few days off.
So on the morning of June 14th, we met at Beth's and made our way to the Outer Banks.
I think Thomas does a better job of recapping the whole trip, so if you want to read about it...go here:
If you want to see more pictures, go here (don't you love that I'm sending you to all these different places???):

I can't remember the last time that I had such a relaxing vacation. There was no schedule and everyone just did what they wanted to do. It. Was. Amazing.

On June 28th, I had my Steak Out at the new place. It was really great being able to thank the guys for helping me move. And it was REALLY great having steak (I heart a good steak...especially with Dan's bleu cheese butter on top of it....mmmmmmm....).
(I'm starting to wonder if the guys are going to realize what a mistake it was teaching me how to play poker. Now instead of just taking a picture of them playing poker, I'll be the annoying chick saying, "I want to play!". Oh well...I'm sure they'll get over it...I'm easy money.)


Julie said...

Hey, it's not Monday yet! Ah the beach trip was so GREAT!

saucybellum said...

I know! I'm kinda ticked that I messed it up...