Sunday, April 19, 2009

Avoidance Techniques

What do you do when you are delaying the inevitable? You blog, of course! In my case, I'm delaying a walk over to the Fisicaro's house (not because I don't want to see them...I'm just lazy). While I write this, I'm enjoying Dave Matthews: Live At Piedmont Park that I DVR'd from my favorite new-to-me channel, Palladia. Watching this is really making me want to see him live...wait....I AM going to see him live next Saturday. Lucky me! :)

I really wish I had something interesting to write about. Let's see. This weekend was pretty standard. Friday was Friday Night Dinner (featuring lasagna per Julie's request). Julie got to pick what I made for dinner, although she did not get to pick what was on TV (the Red Sox game). Sorry, J.
I still can't get over how good Will and Daniel were. They aren't normally bad, it's just that this time they were especially good....I really don't think I've heard Daniel laugh so much in my life. I tried to capture the whole thing with my camera, but I managed to mess it up. Whatevs.

Saturday I went to Will's birthday party at the Charlotte Sports Center. The worst part about going to a 5 year old's birthday party is the inevitable question from the parents of the other children, "So, are you related or is one of these kids yours?"
They tend to look at you weird when you reply, "Oh, neither. I just like to go to random children's birthday parties and watch the kids. It makes me feel less lonely in this world."
I just love that I met a lot of these parents last year at Will's 4th birthday party and they obviously didn't remember me, so I really didn't feel like making the effort to make conversation with them this year. At least I know that they won't remember at his 6th birthday that I was an unsociable snot this year.
After the birthday party, Julie and I came home for some leftover lasagna and then we went to go see 17 Again. After the movie, I think I said, "That was so cute!" somewhere around 78 times. Poor Julie. I have a feeling that sometimes I can be a bit much.

After the movie, I went home and got ready to go to dinner with the Steeles and Chris. I met C at his house and we went down to Tavern on the Tracks. I was a little concerned when I saw that Purgatory (a show that gives those scary goth kids from high school a run for their money) was going on at the bar next door. I was worried a little for our safety (and quite honestly, the safety for our nation's children), Chris was just upset that they were charging $5 for parking.
When we were done with dinner, we went over to another bar (Tyber Creek) that was supposed to be 3 minutes away. The Steeles got there in 3 minutes, C & I got there in about 30 minutes after taking the scenic route. I don't think I was helping when I would say, "I think we're getting close."
He should know by now that directions aren't my forte. I'm just so proud of him for not getting angry...he didn't mumble anything under his breath once. Go Chris!
What's sad is that I still can't tell you where South Blvd is.

We had a pretty super time at Tyber Creek and around 1:30, we went home.

Normally Sundays include breakfast, but not today. I'm still not sure why we didn't do our standard Sunday morning thing this morning, but whatever.

Alright, I'm going to go for my walk now. Well...maybe after an ice cream cone. cream.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Buffalo chicken and deviled eggs.

I decided today that I would suck it up (whatever "it" is, I'm not sure...) and go to Walmart to grocery shop. Everyone knows how much I heart the Teet, but I got a talkin' to by the Jackster about how I need to quit throwing away my money on overpriced groceries. Now, don't get me wrong...I will return to my beloved Harris Teeter the next time I need random grocery items, but she is right...a full-on restocking of your pantry shelves really does need to be done at the cheapest place in town. 

I'm not sure why I just gave you that entire set up. I guess it's because I wanted to explain why I would set foot into a Walmart (I just got shivers down my spine).

So after spending two hours (yes...TWO HOURS) shopping for everything from laundry detergent to Will's 5th birthday present (who knew that Bakugan is the "it" thing these days??), I made my way outside to find my car. I felt dread when I saw the ever-present "charity" outside the Walmart doors. I tried to avoid eye contact, but it was to no avail. The lady got right in front of my cart and said, "Ma''am! Do you have a moment?"
I felt like telling her that I definitely did NOT have a minute and especially didn't have a minute for anyone wearing Crocs, but I'm one to hide my feelings well (DON'T roll your eyes at my blog!) and said, "Sure."

The "charity" was for some Children's Safety Network or something stupid and fake like that. The lady handed me off to some super excited guy. Like I always do, I'll just give you our exchange...

Super Excited Guy: Do you have any kids!?!?!
Me: No. 
SEG: Oh. Do you care about kids???
Me: Ummm...I guess? 
SEG: Well for a donation of $20, you can help save children!
Me: thanks. (I was quickly realizing that this "donation" would cost me one less drink in Vegas. Forget that noise!)
SEG: Well, can you donate anything? Even $5 or $10 would help.
Me: Fine. Sure. If you take can have $5.
SEG: Great! You're really helping! 
(I hand him my debit card)
SEG: You know, for $10 you can buy this toy that is normally $20 and give it to a child in need!
SEG: Okay. Well...I'll just imprint your credit card here. And I'm going to add 36 cents for tax. I forgot to mention 36 cents okay with you??
Me: Sure. Whatever.
SEG: One more thing.
Me: What???????
SEG: High five! I need a high five from you!

I still cringe at the fact that I high-fived the man that scammed me out of $5 for a charity that is TAXED!!!!

I told myself that if I can ever muster the desire to go to Walmart again and that guy is charitying it up, I'm totally going to knee him in the nuts. Jerk.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Just say it over and over again: It's Easter. It's Easter. It's EAS-TER....

I hope everyone has a fantastic Easter!! 

Just remember: Easter really has nothing to do with a bunny. Well, unless Jesus says that it has something to do with a bunny and I missed out on that. Jesus didn't say anything about a bunny, right???

And to my favorite Catholic...

YAY! Potatoes!!!! (Please, please, please....don't ever be so foolish as to give up potatoes for Lent ever again. Ever. Thanks.)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Why do I want to see the new Miley Cyrus movie???

Okay. That's a stretch. I can wait until it comes on the Disney Channel (in 3 months, I'm sure).

I do kind of want to go to a movie by myself, though. Well, maybe. I say that I want to go to a movie by myself not because I feel like I need to reconnect with myself or anything like that, but because everyone else is busy today....or did everyone just say that they are busy today?? Nevertheless, Sarah is on her own today...which is totally fine. I just need to think of something to do besides bathtub reading (which I'm starting to think happens much too often). Adventureland came out last week and it's from the director of Superbad. How bad could it be?? It would be a little sad to see a hilarious movie and not be able to quote stuff from it to anyone....God knows I already have a problem with saying stuff that doesn't really make any sense. I really don't think adding movie quotes from a movie that no one else has seen will help my problem.

I'm sure I'll just sit at home and watch random movies on TV and then watch the Sox game at 4. Oh, crap. That sounds pathetic. Okay...I'll say that I'm going to go get some sushi for lunch, then I'll go downtown to discover what Charlotte has to offer, and then I'll rent a boat (because it's a nice day and that's just what you do on a nice day, of course). If I'm not too tired after all of my lone-boating, then I'll hit up a few clubs. Wow...I've got a full day, I better get started soon.

Alright, sorry. I'm even boring myself with all of my what-to-do-today talk.

There was just a commercial on for Flirty Girl Fitness. They are trying to sell this fitness dvd that shows women how to burn a 53,287 calories and lose 7,987 inches. That's all well and good, but then they add a BONUS video for a Flirty Girl Chair Dancing Exercise. Ahhh, yes...chair dancing. BURN those calories, sister! 
Wait? There's even MORE you say?!?!? How could there be MORE?!?!?!?!?!?
If you act now, you can get the Flirty Girl Fitness Pole in your house for just $1!?!?!
When did a stripper pole become something that a "flirty girl" would have in her house? And when did a stripper pole become a fitness pole??? I seriously thought that stripper poles were reserved for rappers. I bet all of those rappers are mad that they spent way more than one dollar on their fitness poles. I think next time I'm at the Y, I should ask them if they can get some fitness poles brought in. You know...because it's for fitness.

Awww....Matt Nathanson is at #11 this week. I wonder if he's tired of singing Come On Get Higher??? I also wonder if everyone in Blogland is tired of me talking about the Vh1 Top 20 Countdown???

Okay. I have to go whorify myself. I've got some lone-clubbing to do tonight (after my sushi and downtowning and boating). 

(Dear Mom...Don't worry, I was only kidding. I'm not really going clubbing by myself tonight...)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Brown-Eyed Girl...

I just changed my profile picture.

I've been accused of false advertising by having my luxurious long hair (that became no-more in August '08) in my profile picture.

Okay, well Chris is really the only person that has said anything about it, but still...I like to make my friends happy.

So there you have it. A new picture. Do with it what you will.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


I came downstairs this morning really craving some Lucky Charms (because they are magically delicious). I knew that Sam had raided the box on Thursday night, because I had woke up on Friday morning and found a few random charms on the floor. I looked in the cabinet and laughed pretty hard when I saw that the box was half gone and written on it was "GARY DID IT!!!".
When I saw that, I figured that she had just eaten half the box. This morning I came downstairs, poured a bowl and was horrified. Sam didn't just eat Lucky Charms, she went through the entire box and took out all of the marshmallows. Who eats Lucky Charms for the healthy-ish pieces?? No one. They may as well make a "Oops! All Marshmallows!" box of Lucky Charms.
Needless to say, I poured the bowl back in the box and poured myself a bowl of Rice Krispies. I'm going to be wasn't nearly as magically delicious. I'm kind of glad that Sam doesn't read my blog, well...EVER (because she's a busy mom who has time to pick every marshmallow out of a box of Lucky Charms, not because she hates me). She would probably make me delete this post.

Next subject! Last night...
Matt Wertz (sometimes referred to as "Wertzy" by, well, just my friends) was in town. Chris, Julie, and I had gotten to the Neighborhood Theatre pretty early because we were quite sure that there would be a line. Yeah...there wasn't a line. At all.
So we got in the doors at 8 and had our choice of seats. We chose the 5 seats against the wall, closest to the stage. Great show, blah, blah, blah....but I met a boy. Well, that sounds better than it actually was. He was the bouncer/security guard and I'm pretty sure he thought I was flirting to get us backstage (yeah, maybe I what??). Oh, well...his friend got me a bottled water. What more could you ask for? Oh, actually get backstage.
So this ex-ballet dancer is telling me about his life (I didn't know him well enough to tell him that I find smoking utterly disgusting and didn't understand why he told me that he's a smoker, like that's a good thing...) and he looked at me and said, "Contrary to what your friends and family say, you're a beautiful woman."
I must have shot him the most shocked look, because he quickly rebutted with, "Oh! That did not come out right...uhh, okay..." time!!!

con⋅trar⋅y   [kon-trer-ee; for 5 also kuhn-trair-ee] Show IPA adjective, noun, plural -trar⋅ies, adverb
1. opposite in nature or character; diametrically or mutually opposed: contrary to fact; contrary propositions.
2. opposite in direction or position: departures in contrary directions.
3. being the opposite one of two: I will make the contrary choice.

First. How does he know what my friends/family are saying about me/my looks?

Second. Even if he DID know what my friends/family are saying...why would he tell me that he's going against everything they are saying by telling me that I'm beautiful?

Hmmmm....warm fuzzies all around.

I do feel a little bad that Mike and Thomas were asked to move away from me by Alex (the bouncer guy). I think he thought he was helping. He had been keeping a path open for me so that no one blocked my view of the performance. I'm not sure he knew that Mike and Thomas are my friends and if my view is going to be blocked by anyone, I hope it's my friends.

Alright. I'm watching Vh1 Top 20 Countdown like I do every Saturday morning and there is a brand new Jamie Foxx video. He obviously used his celebrity status to get other celebrities in his rap video. You know, celebrities like Jake Gyllenhaal, Forest Whitaker, Samuel L. Jackson....and Ron Howard.
What is Ron Howard doing in a rap video???

Youtube won't let me embed it (you know how I heart embedding videos on my blog), but if you want to check it out, go here (you only have to watch the first 46 seconds to experience all of the weirdness)....

And yes, Jamie...I do blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-al-cohol...

Last week I said something about how I may love Carolina Liar. I really think I do now. Here you go...

Does anyone ever watch this videos I post? No???

Oh, well...that's cool.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I guess it could always be worse...

I said I would give my red hair one week. I couldn't take it. 

At about 4 this afternoon, I had a moment at work. I had just sat through a 4 hour meeting and thought I was going to pull my hair out, so I told everyone that I had to go to the bathroom (I like to announce my bathroom breaks at of my numerous lovable quirks). I stood in the bathroom, looking in the mirror for what seemed like 10 minutes and thought I was going to scream. Red?? RED?!?!?! WHAT was I thinking!?!?

This feeling of disgust may have felt a bit stronger due to the fact that I had a really (really, really, really, really) bad day, but still. WHAT. WAS. I. THINKING!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

So, this is my attempt to say thanks...

Thanks for not fully making fun of me during my 6 day stint as a redhead. I really appreciate it.

Oh, and just a life lesson that I re-learned today...
When you think you've had a bad day, DON'T think that it can't get worse. It always will. 

How's that for dramatic??

Classic Sarah.