Saturday, April 11, 2009

Why do I want to see the new Miley Cyrus movie???

Okay. That's a stretch. I can wait until it comes on the Disney Channel (in 3 months, I'm sure).

I do kind of want to go to a movie by myself, though. Well, maybe. I say that I want to go to a movie by myself not because I feel like I need to reconnect with myself or anything like that, but because everyone else is busy today....or did everyone just say that they are busy today?? Nevertheless, Sarah is on her own today...which is totally fine. I just need to think of something to do besides bathtub reading (which I'm starting to think happens much too often). Adventureland came out last week and it's from the director of Superbad. How bad could it be?? It would be a little sad to see a hilarious movie and not be able to quote stuff from it to anyone....God knows I already have a problem with saying stuff that doesn't really make any sense. I really don't think adding movie quotes from a movie that no one else has seen will help my problem.

I'm sure I'll just sit at home and watch random movies on TV and then watch the Sox game at 4. Oh, crap. That sounds pathetic. Okay...I'll say that I'm going to go get some sushi for lunch, then I'll go downtown to discover what Charlotte has to offer, and then I'll rent a boat (because it's a nice day and that's just what you do on a nice day, of course). If I'm not too tired after all of my lone-boating, then I'll hit up a few clubs. Wow...I've got a full day, I better get started soon.

Alright, sorry. I'm even boring myself with all of my what-to-do-today talk.

There was just a commercial on for Flirty Girl Fitness. They are trying to sell this fitness dvd that shows women how to burn a 53,287 calories and lose 7,987 inches. That's all well and good, but then they add a BONUS video for a Flirty Girl Chair Dancing Exercise. Ahhh, yes...chair dancing. BURN those calories, sister! 
Wait? There's even MORE you say?!?!? How could there be MORE?!?!?!?!?!?
If you act now, you can get the Flirty Girl Fitness Pole in your house for just $1!?!?!
When did a stripper pole become something that a "flirty girl" would have in her house? And when did a stripper pole become a fitness pole??? I seriously thought that stripper poles were reserved for rappers. I bet all of those rappers are mad that they spent way more than one dollar on their fitness poles. I think next time I'm at the Y, I should ask them if they can get some fitness poles brought in. You know...because it's for fitness.

Awww....Matt Nathanson is at #11 this week. I wonder if he's tired of singing Come On Get Higher??? I also wonder if everyone in Blogland is tired of me talking about the Vh1 Top 20 Countdown???

Okay. I have to go whorify myself. I've got some lone-clubbing to do tonight (after my sushi and downtowning and boating). 

(Dear Mom...Don't worry, I was only kidding. I'm not really going clubbing by myself tonight...)

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