Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Brown-Eyed Girl...

I just changed my profile picture.

I've been accused of false advertising by having my luxurious long hair (that became no-more in August '08) in my profile picture.

Okay, well Chris is really the only person that has said anything about it, but still...I like to make my friends happy.

So there you have it. A new picture. Do with it what you will.


Anonymous said...

You're so gullible...j/k. FINALLY! You've been living a lie for so long...you barely even know The Truth anymore. haha


Anonymous said...

I do not think the background of your page matches you. Please change.

- A. Friend

Commodore Lerve said...

My word verification was "malic" which I didn't even know was a word. It is an adjective meaning "pertaining to or derived from apples."

How you like those malics? Guess that's a noun in that sentence, curse you English.