Friday, November 28, 2008

Moses, Levi, Mordecai, Isaac, Esau, Saul...

Happy Friday!

I must say, this has been a pretty easy week. I was going to recap the entire week, but I realize now that I don't remember much before Thanksgiving. I'm going to count that as a blessing, because I know it included 10 hour days and it's probably for the best that I don't remember it.

Yesterday I slept in until around 7 (Nice! I LOVE waking up naturally....alarms suck....) and hung out for a little while until I decided to head to the grocery store for my last minute Thanksgiving items (mustn't forget the wine...).
Post-grocery store (Can anyone guess which store I went to???), I made my way over to Chris'. I know we had been planning this pre-Thanksgiving-dinner lunch for quite awhile, but I really had no clue what I was in for. Who knew the man can cook? (Well, I did...he cooks some pretty good stuff quite often...)
But seriously...homemade pizza and buffalo chicken dip. Are you kidding me?!? I ate so much I was actually worried that I may not be hungry for dinner (HA! You're a fool if you think I am passing up two...count 'em...TWO different kinds of potatoes...).

Julie and I went over to Beth's at 2. I won't bore you with the details, but I made mashed tators, J made green bean casserole and hashbrown casserole and Beth man-handled the turkey. Good times had by all.

Dinner was at 5 and we were done eating by about 5:07. Okay. That's a lie...we were done eating by 5:25 though. There wasn't much talking, but there was some eye contact between Scott and myself. It may have been the two glasses of wine that made me laugh until there were tears, but he was killing me and he didn't even know it. After dinner, he asked if the music was making me laugh. Apparently, we weren't on the same page about what was "funny". No...dear, was your facial expressions. Your facial expressions are priceless.

After dinner, the poker chips came out. I don't remember the game lasting so long last time, but holy crap...we started a little before 6 and it didn't end until after 9, I think. Of course, we paused the game for some pie, but know we eat's not like pie took an hour. I'm starting to learn something, though. I have now played poker 3 times and all three times Scott has won. I think he's cheating. I haven't figured out how yet, but I'll continue thinking about it and I'll let you know...
It is really funny when Julie and Sheesh get tired of playing. Suddenly, even if they have a horrible hand, they go all in. I guess that is a quick way to get axed. I must say, though, Sheesh really was playing "serious" last night. Until she needed a break and handed her cards off to me (which was quickly taken over by Chris...)

I didn't want to sound dumb, so I waited until this morning to email C & J and ask them what all that river talk was about. Apparently, I "bet on the river" a lot or at least I heard people tell me that a lot last night. Even though Chris is all the way down in Charlotte and I'm up in little ol' Mooresville, I could feel him rolling his eyes at me. He didn't even dignify my question with a response...thank God Julie is a good explainer!
It's funny that I have no problem proclaiming my issues with New Jersey, but I didn't want to sound dumb asking a question about a game I've played only a few times. I guess that's just my pMD-ness coming out...

Post-poker, J and I went over to Chris' where we managed to have some cheesecake that he had made. Is it sad that I could still eat at that point? (Believe me, I'm still shaking my head at myself...)

I got to bed around 11 and my alarm went off at 6:30 this morning. Stupid alarm. Alarms suck.

Oh! And I know you are all DYING to know why there are a bunch of Old Testament dudes as the title of this here you go. On Wednesday, Chris, Julie, and I were playing the "Name six men from the Bible" game via email. I can't remember WHY we started this game...but at one point, Julie named off super common names (Adam, Thomas, get the point) and Chris told her that she had to name only Old Testament names, because they are funnier. So...there you have it...six men from the Old least I think they are all from the Old Testament, right?!?!??

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Jules said...

Yay to leftover Friday night dinner!! Can we go to Target again next Friday?!?!?