Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I vote for Gary for President.

Why shouldn't Gary be president? He's black. He's in the "in crowd". 

And actually...he's loving on my computer screen since I've written that sentence. I think he wants to be president.

So...to the issue at hand. Well, first...I don't really have an issue. I just had dinner/drinks with some of my bestestes (and that isn't pronounced "bes-testes", it's more "best-est-es"). Anywho. Sam had just come in from Baton Rouge and I was full-force wanting to love up on that chick. It has been weeks since I've seen her and I was hurting for some Sam-lovin'.

Sam, Brian, Chris, and I met up and the ever-popular joint Fox and Hound for some Republican love (I just pretended like I was a full-fledged Repub for the festivities, because...well...I missed Sam and wanted any way "in"...in reality I'm so Independent that I would vote a McCain/Biden ticket in a heartbeat). At this very moment, I'm watching the returns from the actual election. NBC is giving Obama 142 million electoral votes to McCain's 2 (and that's from a very Morman Utah). I wish it was closer so I could have an excuse for being so tired tomorrow at work ("I'm sorry! I was a good citizen! I couldn't fall asleep until I knew which direction our county was going in!")

Oh. No. She. Didn't. I'm watching some random channel with McCain's (pretty much) "give up" speech on it and Sarah Palin is tearing up. Seriously? No wonder they don't want a girl to have any major political office. She'll cry at any sign of failure. Whatever. Thanks for taking women about 13 steps back, Sarah. Alaska sucks. This ain't a beauty pageant...no one is going to be impressed with your tears. Geez.

Okay. Enough about the stupid election. In the words of Grandpa Dick, "The sun will still rise tomorrow."
Thanks Grandpa. Your words inspire me every day. 

So...on with my love affair with the Fisicaros. I realize it's a little creepy that I'm talking about it, but they are SOOOO in love with each other. I throw up in my mouth a little when I think about it. Brian left F&H around 8:30 to pick up their kids from Lulu's (Brian's mom) and he let Sam stick around with Chris and I. We then went into about an hour long conversation about how much she loves her husband and all sorts of bunny/rainbow/goodness convo. I can't tell you how much I appreciate a couple that doesn't hide their love. I dropped Sam off at her house and Brian didn't answer his phone for 15 minutes to let her in....and then we found his phone in the car...and then he didn't answer the door for another 30 minutes. Still...she had nothing but the ability to proclaim her love for her husband. Wow. I hope I find that kind of love some day. Amazing. I would have given up on love after the first 3 minutes.
I suppose that makes me look weak, doesn't it? 
I guess I was lying there. I would never give up...because I believe in love. Ahhh...it feels good to be dramatic.

The point of my story is to say....

Sometimes the black person is better qualified to become president and sometimes he's voted in just because he's black.


(I was totally kidding. I just love controversy. To be perfectly honest, I just googled "sometimes the black person" and that is what came up. If I had more balls, I would act like that was an original thought by me.)

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