Monday, November 10, 2008


Sam, oh, Sam.

It's only appropriate that I'm thankful for Sam Fisicaro on her birthday. 

Many times, you meet some of your best friends through other friends. Sam is no different.
I remember being very ill one night in 2005 when I was having dinner with Adam and his dad and Adam was so set on going to Midtown after dinner to see some random people in a horrible cover band. I protested going out (you know, because I was sick) produced a fight...he won....we went out.
I remember this very distinctly, Sam does not. She was wearing a jean jacket and she introduced herself to me. She swears that she's never owned a jean jacket in her life (or since the early '90s), but she can't really fight me on this one. I remember it.
I don't know why I'm telling you this part of the Sam-Sarah meet story, but I just wanted to document that she WAS WEARING A JEAN JACKET.

Although we had hung out quite a few times after originally meeting, Sam and I became what we are today on May 11, 2007 at a Gwen Stefani concert (I can't let you believe that I remember the actual date that we became friends...all of the pictures are dated on my computer, so I just found the pictures from that night and it said 5/11/07...see? I'm not creepy). There were seven of us and after the concert, 5 of them wanted to go out to clubs. There were two of us that did not want to get crunk...and you can probably guess which two.
Sam told Adam that she would take me home while he went with everyone else.  We then proceeded to sit in concert traffic for 2 hours. 
During this concert traffic, we talked about all sorts of life issues...
I can't remember how the subject was really brought up, but it peaked with Sam exclaiming, "You love Jesus, too??! I love Jesus!"
So, there you have it. Jesus brought Sam and I together. 

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Jules said...

Was there lots of flair on the jean jacket?