Sunday, November 9, 2008

You're going to get so tired of my thankfulness...

Next up in my thankful lineup: Julie Everett

I'm trying to remember at what time we became friends....not just friends...2/3rds of an insane trifecta that is the V3. Two dysfunctional peas in a very warped pod. Two legs of a tripod.'s getting hard trying to think of things that come in threes. My creativity is lacking here, please forgive me.
From the day that I met Julie, I knew that she was a girl after my own twisted heart. There are quite a few people that don't "get" me, this girl does. How many people can you be completely inappropriate with and they just laugh it off? I can promise you...there are not many. How many people will tell you that something in your life is "weird", even if it may hurt to hear? Very few have come my way...
How many friends can you talk to every night (and I'm talking EVERY night) for 1-2 hours, starting at 9:07pm and still have stuff to email about the next morning? I've only found one. Julie.

There are so many things about her that are completely lovable...and for that...for her...I am thankful.

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Jules said...

My wonderful lovely Sarah...I am so blessed to have your friendship come into my life this year. You're one of my bestest best friends. I am so grateful to have had you there for me, especially these last few weeks. Usually it takes years & years to accumulate the amount of stories/lingo/inside jokes between friends, but you my dear...ahhh so many things since March already--was it March? I know WHERE it was and WHAT we did, ha. I love you love you love you love. V3 4eva!!