Sunday, November 16, 2008

But you're just a boy...

Okay. I'm going to try my best to be as dramatic and vague as possible. You keep you wondering.

In my attempt to be thankful, I'd just like to take a moment to be thankful for the very few good guys in the world. I've always believed that the good guys far outnumber the jerks, but after this week, I must say...I'm thinking that I may have been confused. I'm not surprised...I've been known to get confused from time to time. 

So.....if you are one of the great guys in my life, THANK YOU. You seem to be in a minority...

(Vague enough for ya???)


whatnot said...

Alright...who hurt you? I need names of these boys. I'll take 'em out....and I don't mean on a date. Mama's got your back, baby.

saucybellum said... be perfectly one hurt me personally, but they hurt my friends (which actually makes it so that they hurt me personally since I care so deeply for my friends...oh, what a cycle I've got going on here...)

Maybe you should start with your son (you can guess which one) and report back to let me know that goes for ya. If you can accomplish that mission, I'll let you move on to the bigger fish that need to be fried....and by "fish", I mean their testicles. Their testicles need to be fried...

Love you, mom! You're the best!!

Mike Grosz said...

Sarah, on behalf of all bad guys, I'd say we will try to be better, but we really won't. Sorry.

all men

saucybellum said...

I find it funny that you are the one guy that commented on this blog...and you just happen to be one of the greatest guys I've ever met in my life.
You would fall into the "Sarah thanking the great guys of the world" category.
So...THANKS MIKE! You're really swell!

Jules said...

Boys are definitely stupid.