Friday, November 7, 2008

An Ode To Kristen Lervik...

I got a comment from Thomas yesterday that basically said that his sister has been fooled into thinking that I'm "hilarious" and that I could make good "friend material". I'm not going to lie, I'm touched.
True...dear Kristen probably stumbled upon my blog because she was avoiding doing actual college work (oh, don't deny it...we've all been there). But still...I am touched.

So, this one's for you, Kristen. I hope I don't let you down (although, I probably's kinda what I do...)

Alrighty...a few updates...

I went to Harris Teeter again this morning for the first time since the How-are-you?/unliftable-water/bean-finding fiasco. And I have to say...they must have read my blog and realized that they needed to get their act together. Kudos, Harris Teeter!
No one bothered me. And as an added bonus, I checked out with TWO 24-packs of water this time (Hollllaaa! They were only $3.99 a piece...) and the girl (who couldn't have weighed more than a buck ten) managed to lift BOTH waters. You know what that means to me?
Well...apparently queeny-type boys are a lot weaker than little girls. Lesson learned. (No offense if you happen to be a queeny-type boy...)

If you have read my previous blogs, you know that my girl, Emily, has been having a bummer of a time at work. The other day, C was (kind of) joking around saying that he would be so happy if someone gave him $50, that he might shed a tear. That gave me an idea. I would send Emily flowers...because who doesn't smile when they get flowers? At least I could buy her a lil' bit of happy...maybe for a few hours. I hope.
So...she got the flowers yesterday around 2pm and sent me a picture...YAY! I managed to buy a little happiness!

She went from "Sad Emily" to "Happy Emily"! Mission accomplished! Well, my mission was accomplished for all of 12 minutes, until her admin accidentally sent out the earnings press release 2 hours before the market closed (BIG NO-NO!). I'm convinced that if that didn't happen, Em would have remained happy for maybe 36 minutes.

I only have to work today from 1-5pm...and I have to say, I can't wait to get home from work tonight. As I am typing this, there is a roast in the crockpot and it is smelling scrumptious. I'm so excited about the 18 pounds of baby carrots that will have soaked in meat juice all day long. Something else I'm excited about?
Sam and Jim (or Papa...whatever) brought over her old couch for me yesterday, because she inherited Lulu and Papa's old couch. Now I'm going to be evil and have the guys that are coming over (wow...I'm thinking that it will just be Brian...sorry, Brian) switch the couches so that I don't have to worry about baby snot getting on Emily's couch anymore. I'm so glad that my friends know how to pick out uber comfortable couches.

In reality, Kristen, that is the way you should pick out your their ability to pick out comfortable furniture. Not by their blogs.

Silly girl. It's'll learn someday.


Commodore Lerve said...

CURSE YOU! I commit to coming over tonight, only to realize the only reason you invited me was for furniture moving. Poser...

saucybellum said...

Poser? Poser?!?'s called "brilliant".

Maybe if you came to more Friday Night Dinners you wouldn't feel so used. Generally, FNDs don't include manual labor.

Jules said...

I ordered the stuff from Harris Teeter to make taco salad!