Monday, November 3, 2008

And this is what making lemonade out of lemons looks like...

So...I'm at work right now. I'm going to try to lie and say that I'm super happy to be here right now. I haven't been home yet from Boston (since I came to work straight from the airport) and I found out when I got here that our dear, sweet Kara (that sounds snarky, but for reals...this chick is dear AND sweet) got pink eye and couldn't come to work today. All that means to me is that I'm going to close tonight. Fine with me...unless someone is going to schedule a 7pm patient after our last patient left at 3:45! Are you kidding me with that noise?? I haven't even had a good at-home poo yet! So, I'll be here until about 8 tonight and all that means to you is that you're going to get a blog.
Emily told me that I need to use these lemons and make some lemonade, so that's what I'm going to do, darn it.
I'm trying to remember right now the stuff that I told you (and by "you", I mean "my bloggity-blog-blog world") about my weekend trip to Boston.
I woke up at 6:30am on Saturday for my flight (after a 5am bed time...I'm awesome...I don't have to tell me). After a flight that included a screaming baby and a woman that was claustrophobic (I love that she asked me if I knew what that meant....she obviously wasn't aware of my pMD status), Em pulled up right as I was leaving baggage claim. Don't expect any less than perfection from my girl! She timed that out perfectly (or got perfectly lucky...I'm not sure which).
We made our way to Em's place where we proceeded to catch up on every DVR'd show that she had been missing due to her gruelling work schedule. After getting caught up on our television watching, we got ready for dinner.
Okay. Dinner.
It deserves a blog of it's own. I shall find pictures...hold on.
Thanks for holding. The only picture I could find of the most amazing corn in the world is kind of dumb, but you'll be able to see what I'm talking about...

Please ignore the big black space to the right...I can't figure out why that's there and I can't get rid of it. Remember...I'm new at this (which is actually a very good excuse for many things in get away with a lot when you just smile coyly and say "Sorry...I'm new at this..."). Anywho...check out the roasted corn behind the glass of champagne. I have never tasted anything so yummy in my life. I guess that's a bit of a stretch, but I can say that I've never tasted anything so yummy in my life in Boston. Okay...that's a stretch too. Dan makes some pretty yummy stuff when I'm up in Beantown. Point: It was roasted corn on the cob with about a pound of garlicky, buttery, cheesy mess on top of it. In the top 10 things that make Emily happy, she has listed this particular corn at #4. I personally think it should be bumped up to #3, but she said something about loving her dog or something. Hmmm...

Moral of the story: If you ever are wondering what tapas place to go to in Boston, go to Toro. It's pretty much in my top 5 restaurants now.
After dinner, we went back to our old stomping grounds (it's funny that I have "old stomping grounds" now in Boston). This time, Hong Kong Bar (the place with the Scorpion Bowl!) was hoppin'. Emily, Dan and I met their admin Stacy and her friend Dan there for some Scorpion fun and karaoke. Mind you, the only person that did karaoke was a very drunk Stacy. She told the karaoke masters that her name was Kim (since Kim didn't come when she was called and Stacy said, "I'm KIM!") and rocked out to Bon Jovi. (In the picture, Stacy is the girl who isn't Emily and isn't me...)

Poor Dan (Stacy's Dan...not Emily's Dan) didn't make it in the pictures since, well, he was taking the pictures. You can pretty much see how Stacy got so toasted...she was drinking 3 times the amount of alcohol (hence the three straws).
Unfortunately, we had to leave Stacy and Dan a bit early...which really wasn't early at all...but it was before Stacy wanted to leave. They assured me that they would get me home safe so I could stay out with them while Emily and Dan went home, but I thought that was probably against my best interest since 1. They had been drinking since 3:30 and 2. Well...there isn't really a two. I just don't trust completely inebriated people so much.

I woke up on Sunday with a bit of a headache (how did that happen???) and we made our way to Brownstone. Another yummy restaurant that featured a delicious breakfast. After breakfast, Emily walked to work while Dan and I walked back to their place so I could get my computer and then I made my way over to the Pru. If you read my blog from a couple days ago, you know how that went down. I'm thoroughly impressed with Emily's ability to completely change her mask from Sarah's BFF who is uber sweet to do I put this nicely? Medusa. She becomes Medusa when she is crossed.
My favorite part of her office was up on her dry erase board. One of her co-workers comes in to assess her mood every morning. I found it so funny that I took a picture. Rumor has it, it's been on "sad face" for awhile...

Doesn't it just make you laugh? Just a little? Okay...I guess it's just me.

After work, we walked around the mall (which just happens to be on the bottom floor of her work) for awhile, then headed home for dinner. Dan made some primo salad (I will never know how he makes his dressing...) and some super yummy enchiladas. I finished off dinner with a walk to the Amsterdam Cafe with Kate (Em's dog) to pick up frozen yogurt for us. Oh! And I almost forgot! Dan taught me how to make delicious potatoes last night. Yes. For dinner I had salad, enchiladas, frozen yogurt, potatoes, and red wine. What a combo.

After gettin' all fat and happy, I passed out until my alarm went off this morning at 3am. Good stuff. Nothing like a cab coming to get you at 4am for a 5am flight so you can make it to work by 8am.

Speaking of the flight...does anyone else find it odd that in the 3 times I've been to Boston this year, I've been sat next to a priest twice? Does that mean anything?? I guess I should have asked them, huh?

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whatnot said...

Your blogs tend to make me hungry, but all I have in the refrigerator is a jar of pickles, a couple apples and some assorted condiments. Hmmm...any ideas of what I could whip up with those exotic ingredients? Never mind...I just remembered I have a huge bowl of leftover Halloween candy. Excuse me whilst I render myself unconsious in a Snicker-induced diabetic coma.