Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Work It.

It is so easy to complain about  your job. I mean, you spend more time with your coworkers than you do with your actual family...and who hasn't gotten into it with a family member at least once in their lives? It's only normal that the people you work with every day will eventually get on your last nerve. 
I have to say though, I am lucky. Beyond lucky. I am fortunate to have such an amazing group of people that I get to work with every day. How can I not feel blessed when every day on TV you see people searching desperately for jobs and I get to go every day and work with people that make me laugh? Believe me...I've had worse jobs than this one and you know what? I'm thankful for those as well. At least they make me realize what I have now.  One of the things that is so great is that I know that this didn't happen by chance. I work next to Jackie for 8 hours a day and she was handpicked by someone who knows me better than any other boss I've ever had in my life, Adam's mom, Becky.
When they were opening the center in Mooresville, there were 2 candidates for Jackie's position. Becky knows me so well...this is actually what she told me after the interviews, "We're hiring Jackie. She's great and you're going to love her. The other girl just kept saying that she was an athlete and I knew that would irritate you, so you're getting Jackie."

Okay. Seriously. Think about that people. My team at work was put together by a woman that KNEW an outspoken "athlete" would bother me. How AWESOME is that?!?!  
Added bonus: Jackie graduated college with a degree in Psychology. She's like a free therapist that I get to talk to all day long! that I think about it, I owe that girl a drink or two...

So when I am at work and feel like screaming, I just need to remember...I am THANKFUL for these people and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else...

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