Sunday, November 9, 2008

Callin' Baton Rouge.

This weekend we went out for Sam's birthday and I'm trying to figure out the best way to recap the evening, without losing any of the good stuff.
We started the evening at Champions, watching the LSU/Alabama game. True...they lost in overtime, but that didn't ruin anyone's mood. ruined Brian's, but he's a real we let him have his moment. I say that we started the "evening", but I should really specify and say that we started the afternoon, since we met up at 3:30. Who starts their birthday party at 3:30, you ask? Sam does. That's how she rolls. It was funny to have had a few drinks and think to yourself, " the night almost over already?" and then you look at your watch and it's almost 6pm. I'm gonna make a GREAT old person....with a 8pm bedtime and everything...
After paying our bill at Champions, we headed down to Blackfinn at the Epicenter. After looking at the pictures from Thomas' camera, I'm realizing that we may have entertained ourselves a bit too much with said camera and may have annoyed the poo out of people with all of the camera flashes. But who cares, right!??! If taking 327 pictures in different poses entertains the birthday girl, who are you to complain??
( my knowledge, no one actually complained, I was just making a point...)
Around 11pm (...or was it 10:15pm...or was it midnight...or was it 8:35??? Oh...who cares, it was after Blackfinn), we made our way down the Epicenter corridor to Whiskey River. Okay. My dear, sweet friend...can I just say one thing really fast (we all know it's not really going to be "one thing" and it's definitely not going to be "really fast"...get over yourselves...)???
I have never been to Jr's bar (for anyone not from Charlotte, "Jr" is what all the cool kids call Dale Earnhardt Jr.), but I must say...I thoroughly enjoyed it. could have been because we were a couple in by the time we got there, but still. What do you get when you combine 13 of your closest friends and feel-good country music (such as The Devil Went Down To Georgia and Callin' Baton Rouge), every so often being interrupted by gangsta rap?? A great time....that's what you get. There was even a semi-fight that I got to witness Thomas breaking up...and Chris yelling at me to "stay out of it". Wow...I'm glad he's only concerned about my safety. Ahhh...I felt loved.
Around 1am (or was it midnight...or was it 11pm??? Oh crap...nevermind), Chris, Christina, Wendy, Thomas, and I went to Wendy's house where I proceeded to pick a piece of glass out of my foot, then stared blankly at a glass of water. I was so hyped up on Red Bull that I was trying to act as normal as possible. I think I may have come off as "crackhead".
Thomas took me home around 3am....but then was kind enough to drag my sorry butt around while I tried to find my keys to get into my house. Highlight of the evening: Sam realizing that she has my keys and actually remembering to put them on her front porch. When I talked to her the next day (or later that day, rather), we agreed that it was only an act of God that made her remember to do that. Now I'm not saying that she has a bad memory, but....well....oh, nevermind. I can't even defend her awesome memory skillz.


Commodore Lerve said...

Remind me next time not to break up fights. Granted, I didn't like that someone hit one of our crew in the jaw (wonder if it's still ringing) but I'm done trying to be the good guy. I mean, they were going to kick ME out for breaking up the fight. Doing a good deed as it were. G'all dang ridiculous.

Jules said...

We need to go back to Champions for dinner. I swear that I will never go back to Whisky River again.