Monday, March 2, 2009

It was definitely time for an upload....

I'm not going to lie. I've been hoarding pictures (hoarding...not whoring...). I really have no excuse. I could scream all I want that I have been SOOOO busy, but let's be's me. The real culprit is probably procrastination and laziness. I hope these random pics are good enough to make up for my lameness.

First up: Julie's (30TH!!) Birthday at Bailey's

Who doesn't enjoy a Sheesher hand wave?? I would love to collect every Sheila hand wave picture in existence, but who am I kidding?!?!? That would be IMPOSSIBLE. I don't know if there has ever been an event where she hasn't given her five finger salute. Hmmm...I think I need to come up with a signature move...

Yeah, we're cliquey. Get over it.

This trio was already waiting (and a few beverages in, if I'm not mistaken) when we arrived. I wish I could have cut and pasted Thomas' head in this pic, but I don't possess those editing skillz.

Ahhhhhhhh.....the infamous shot glasses. Yes, they are pretty awesome. No, no one stole them.

The 2009 Thomas and Sarah Combined Birthday Party at Tyber Creek Pub

Who are those gorgeous people, you ask??? It's the birthday kids! It seems like every time I turned around, someone was saying, "Picture of the birthday kids!"
Oddly enough, I just have the one on my camera. It makes me wonder whose camera I am on.

I'm so proud of Sam for not being late.

Now we need a picture of the V3 at C's birthday next week. You finish off the trifecta of awesomeness.
(Bonus points: Does anyone actually know what "V3" stands for? Julie, you're not allowed to answer.)

I'm so happy that John and Kelly came out. I'm also glad that no Blockbuster gift cards were involved. Drama could have erupted.

You can kinda see my one dimple in this picture. I'm told that my 5 month old niece has the exact same random dimple. The thing my niece does not have is a vodka and Sugar Free Red Bull in her hand. She hasn't quite developed the motor skills for grasping beverages yet.

You know when you've had a few drinks and every picture you take is the "BEST PICTURE EVER!!!!", then you look through your pictures the next day and start going critique-crazy??? I remember thinking when I took this picture of Thomas and Beth that it was a framer and now that I'm looking at the pictures's still a framer. Heck, I may frame it for my own house. Hmmm...that would kind of make me look psycho, wouldn't it??

Brian hearts Chris. Apparently more than what's natural. It's judgment here.

My Actual Birthday at Hickory Tavern

I've just got the one picture. Chris and Julie left to, well...I don't know, but they left nonetheless. I felt a little bad that I crashed Brian and Thomas' BFF party. I'm good at pulling crap like that.

Christina's Going Away Party at Prevue

I find it completely unfair that she has to move. No one can throw together a random party full of strangers (on a work night to boot!) like Christina.

Mike and Wendy!

Okay, the thing I notice about this picture is the insane amount of beer bottles on the table. The thing that confuses me is that Chris and I don't drink beer and I really don't think Mike and Wendy were drinking that much., I swear...they really weren't ours.

These last two pictures make me laugh. Did I need to post both of them? Of course not. But does anyone notice something weird about both pictures???
I'm guessing that maybe one person got it....

Why is my man-hand featured in both pictures? It's like the thing has a mind of it's own! Ugh!

Since C's birthday party is this weekend, you can expect to see those pictures posted on here sometime mid-June....if you're lucky.

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