Monday, February 14, 2011

Not surprised one bit...

Was there any doubt that Ray LaMontagne would give an incredibly painful interview? I love the man...I really do, but if you've ever seen him in concert, you would know that he's really not a "talker".
You don't have to watch all 6+ minutes of this video from the Grammys, I just thought it was funny that the girl interviewer was so awkward with him.
Girl: Where did you travel from today? (*Notice she did say "today")
Ray: Here. I've been here all week. (Hey, he answered the question...)
Girl: So you've been in LA...but where are you usually based?
Ray: The Birkshires.
Girl: Birkshires. I love the top hat. (She has NO CLUE where the Birkshires are...but she does like his impeccable fashion sense with that top hat....)
Ray: Thanks.



Robin DuMont said...

OMG somebody throw that poor girl a bone. How horrible is he!? I can understand not wanting to meet your inspiring idols, and being ambivalent about having just won a grammy. That's lovely. What a lovely inspirational man.

whatnot said...

He's shy, ya know and uh ya know isn't in to all the ya know glitz and ya know uh glam of the uh uh ya know grammies and uh doesn't uh ya know have ya know great speaking skills..ya know.

Guess it's a good thing he saves his brilliance for singing and songwriting.

saucybellum said...

HA! I'd feel sorry for the girl if she were interviewing someone that actually does interviews and he acted like that. This is the first time I've ever seen an interview with Ray, though. The man doesn't talk!
I'd also feel sorry for her more if I had a feeling that she actually knew the definition of "ambivalent".