Monday, March 8, 2010

Define Me.

I've recently written about the new music that I can't get enough of, but I want to add one more.

One of the most frustrating things about falling in love with non-famous artists is that they rarely tour and they don't seem to put out albums (or in this fella's case...EPs) very often.

His name is Brett Young and seems to be living and performing only around LA. He just made a video for his song Define Me, but I'm going to be honest...the video sucks. No,'s actually painful to watch.'re getting a performance from an early morning news show (yeah...he's SO popular that he made it on the show Daybreak OC...go Brett). I hope you get the same warm-fuzzy feelings that I do when I hear this song...

PS. Sorry mom, I know you're not a huge fan of the pictures and videos that I post. Maybe something funny will happen soon so I can write about it. Love you! :)

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