Saturday, March 27, 2010

Where did you come up with that?

I know I've talked about music too much lately, but this isn't necessarily about music. It's just about the dumb stuff that musicians say. Okay, really just one musician in particular. I was going to put this on my Facebook status, but I wanted to remember how this struck me as a really dumb thing to say and my blog seems more permanent than the fickle world of online social networking.

I could go on a tirade right now about the awesome stuff that John Mayer spews out of his mouth, but that would be too easy.

I fear I'm starting to build this blog up too much, please prepare yourself for a let down. I'm really just writing this one for me. I think it's funny that some famous people try to sound insanely profound and they just come off as a third grader trying to sound profound.

Daniel Merriweather (one of the current Vh1 Artists You Oughta Know) was interviewed about what he writes his music about and he replied, "I write my music about people."

NO KIDDING?!?! You don't try to focus your musical talent on your dog and the fact that he likes to lick the space where his balls used to be?? You don't like to write your music about the indigestion you got from the 32 layer burrito you ate entirely too fast? Really?? Songs about people?? You don't say...

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