Monday, March 15, 2010

So Much Shouting, So Much Laughter

Adam text messaged me on Thursday to see if I wanted to go to see Ani Difranco on Friday as a birthday present. Of course I said that I would love to. There is no way to think back to moving into my first apartment at 18 and not think of her music.

It was the first time that Adam and I had hung out by ourselves in almost 2 years and it was nice catching up. Like every other Ani show that we've ever been to (and there have been quite a few), we were willing her to play our songs. Naturally, with a music library of about 300 songs, she didn't play them, but I took the liberty of finding them on youtube for your viewing pleasure. The thing with Ani is that she doesn't really do music videos, but I did happen to find videos that people pieced clips from Grey's Anatomy and Scrubs together and made their own videos.

This is the song that Adam always had for me:

This is the song that I always had for Adam (disregard all of the making out...if you listen to the words, it really has nothing to do with that...and yes, he was offended when I first told him that this was his song):

It wouldn't be an evening out if I didn't make a fool of myself at some point. After getting some dinner and getting there right before the show, there was standing room only left and I went to find someone that worked there to ask if there were any upgrades to VIP (Adam and I agreed that it blows to stand amongst the smell of nag champa and patchouli). I tapped on the shoulder of a guy that was working the front door and he turned around, stuck out his hand, smiled and said, "Alex...hi...Sarah, right?"

I had met him awhile back at a show I went to with a different crew and was taken aback (is anything better than the phrase "taken aback"??) that this guy actually remembered me. I kind of stumbled over my words and he just smiled and said, "It was the eyes...I wouldn't forget those eyes." (It's odd that he wouldn't forget my eyes since I met him in a dark concert venue.)

By that time, another bouncer had walked up and I very smoothly said, "Ohhh, have me flustered. Let me start over."

The two bouncers looked at each other and chuckled. I may as well of just had "DORK!" written on my forehead.

Needless to say, I avoided the guy for the rest of the night...
I mean, really...isn't that the way you should solve any sort of embarrassment?

So, there you have it...
Conversation. Food. Embarrassment. Concert. Home.

All in all, it was a good night.


Julie said...

You + Alex + my JJ 2010 CD....oh yeah!

saucybellum said...

Let's not waste it; that JJ 2010 CD has higher aspirations than Alex + Sarah.