Monday, September 13, 2010

Dreams and whatnot.

I had a dream last night that keeps bothering me today. I know, I know…everyone loves to hear about dreams (it comes in at a close second to getting your teeth drilled on at the dentist’s office). I’m pretty much convinced that only one person will read this, but here it is…

I was taking a test in class and it was half multiple choice and half short answer/opinion type questions. My boss was my teacher and after grading the tests, she handed mine back. I got all of the multiple choice questions correct, but I missed all of the short answer questions. When I inquired with my boss/teacher why this was (since I was quite sure that my answers were correct), she simply stated, “Because it doesn’t matter what you say, your opinions will always be wrong.”

So…please share. What does this dream mean??


whatnot said...

Yes, your opinions WILL always be someone. That's why they're opinions--YOUR personal views. Opinions are get to have yours and everyone else gets to have theirs.

Are you feeling unheard and unappreciated? Are you second-guessing your path? I have to quote a song here..."It's okay to be unsure."

Perhaps you need a trip to Missouri for some unconditional love and validation.

Mike Grosz said...

Freud suggested that bad dreams let the brain learn to gain control over emotions resulting from distressing experiences. per Wikipedia, but of course I rarely agree with Freud.