Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The funny little bald spots above your eyes.

I was just reading MSN and one of those Q&A things caught my eye...

I'm hosting a dinner party next week, and I'll be serving both beer and wine alongside the meal. Which has the lower carbon footprint? Beer has to be kept refrigerated, which requires energy, but shipping wine in those heavy bottles can't be good for the planet, either.

Okay. Anybody? Anybody!??!?!

How can this be a serious question that someone wrote to an online answer guru? Are people really that deep of thinkers? If you're that worried about it, don't drink.

I'm going to quote (or at least close-to-quote) Mike Grosz on this one, "Save the children, don't recycle."



Alison said...

which of my shoes will leave a bigger footprint when I kick her ass. If she's really that worried about it, maybe she should just serve water.

Beth said...

That's easy! By grapes that are locally grown and make your own wine! It's easy :-)