Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Like a red-headed stepchild...

Here's my weekly update. You know you're dying to find out...

Wednesday: I finally got to see Eric Hutchinson live. Jealous? No? Well, okay then. Maybe after I tell you this gem you will be...
After dinner at Hawthorne's (ps...don't order the buffalo chicken stomboli...it's not very buffalo-y), we went to get primo seats at the Visulite. "What???", you ask, "Primo seats where you can see the stage and everything??"
Yes, dear ones...we had fantastic seats where we could have made visual contact with Eric Hutchinson's sweaty bangs.
Unfortunately, I didn't take stupid tall girls into account when we were picking out our seats. Of course, the people that went (Scott, Sheesh, Chris, and I) aren't known for their confrontational skills, so we were nothing but passive-aggressive in trying to get the girls to move (ie. saying "I wish I could SEE...if only PEOPLE wouldn't stand in front of us" and I tried flicking my straw absent-mindedly towards them so that they would wonder where the cold drops were coming from and move). Of course, they could see perfectly (and apparently hear each other perfectly, because they wouldn't shut up), so they were not going to move.
Although I SAW very little of Eric Hutchinson's show, I have to say...it was still great.

Friday: After work, I went to a party with Beth. Normally I'm not so comfortable when I only know one person, but I have to say....it wasn't so bad. It actually wasn't bad at all! I realized that I should probably get out of my comfort zone more often. Oh, wait...who am I kidding?? I will use this party as an "I already got out of my comfort zone this year!" excuse from now until December.

Saturday/Sunday: I drifted in and out of consciousness, only showering late in the evening because I couldn't go to bed at night with greaseball hair. I watched two "classic" movies (Mallrats and Big) and talked to Gary like he was human. Quite relaxing if I do say so myself.

Monday: After work I became obsessed with poker on Facebook. I was playing my cousin for about 3 hours. Poker is a lot of fun when you're not playing with real money. "Yes! I will raise you $20, I say! I will never fold....NEV-ER (I don't care if I have a 2 and a 9, that could be something, right?????)!!"

Well, that's all I have for now. I hope you all have a great September (when did summer end!?!?!?!)!!

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