Sunday, August 30, 2009

Just a little yearbookin'...

I obviously had too much time on my hands today and decided to yearbook some of my friends. They are really in no particular order...Sam in 1970 (yeah...she's black...I think she pulls it off quite well).

Ali in 1980 (they didn't have too many Filipino bodies to choose from...sorry, doll).

Wendy in 1974

Thomas in 1952

Me in 1966

Mom in 1982

Mike in 1990

Laura in 1992

Julie in 1996

Emily in 1962

Chris in 2000

Brian in 1996

Beth in 1980

I have no idea why I found that so darn fun. Sorry if you are offended by your picture.


Mike Grosz said...

Way too funny! I think we should grow our hair out like this. Especially Stuck, Fiz, and I. :)

whatnot said...

That's the best my hair has ever looked...well, except for the red yarn up-do of course. totally should have been a child of the 60's. You look just like Marlo Thomas from "That Girl". I know. You've never heard of her or the show. Go google it.

LizArd Breath said...

I LOVE MY PICTURE!!! And, BTW, I know exactly who "radio star mama" is referring to..."That Girl" used to come on after the "The Flying Nun" and Rhoda" on Sunday mornings when I was like 10. Still makes me a loser, though, doesn't it? I was 10! I was also 10 when my mother was laughing and pointing at me because she walked in the living room as I was cheering for Charleton Heston's chariot in "The Ten Commandments".
Sam* (not LizArd Breath)