Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Christina flopped her nuts.*

Okay, seeing that I'm done with my catch up (well, I'm tired of playing catch up...just be assured that there were a lot of dinners out and fun times at the beginning of August), I will now write about the weekend.


I realize that I've already written about this, but that's the night Chris and I went to see Counting Crows. We had dinner at Solstice and I channeled my inner 7 year old and ordered a grilled cheese sandwich with tator tots....I then made Chris braid my hair and gush about Zac Efron (isn't that what 7 year olds are doing these days???). He wasn't too keen on that (you know...since he's a dude), but he's a great friend, sooooo.....


After spending the day being completely lazy, I got ready to go to Beth's poker night. She had originally planned it for her volleyball buddies, but then decided to extend the offer a few more people. Seeing that the "few more people" showed up (it wasn't just poker; an insane Mexican fiesta buffet was also served), it was decided that it would be best to have a girl's game and a guy's game. It was remarkable how different the games were. Hilarity ensued in the kitchen (where the girls were playing) while the dining room (where the guys were) was dead silent (the silence only interrupted every-so-often with questions of, "Do they ever shut up!?!?" and "WHAT is going on in there?!!?"). I believe my good luck was turned around when Beth realized that I was bluffing the entire time. I've learned that it's really hard to win at poker when you get nothing but crap cards.

Sometime after the first game and hanging out on the back porch for a little while, we decided to combine the sexes (or "make purple", if you will...gasp!) and have everyone play. I believe I may have been the first person out, because I forgot the concept of folding. Who knew that was a hard concept to grasp?? Apparently when you are 32 glasses of wine in, you forget how to do things like "folding" and "not talking".

After the game (well, after there was only Scott and Chris left), Glenn decided it would be best if he took Scott #2 (or is he Scott #1 since he was the first Scott invited???) and me home. I vaguely remember asking Glenn numerous times where we were until finally proclaiming that I knew EXACTLY where we were (because he cared so darn much that I knew where we were, of course). He said he would pick me up for brunch the next morning so that I could get my car back, which brings me to...


After a restful night of sleep (lie), I was picked up at 10:45 for brunch at Toast. It was amazing how dehydrated I was from the night before. If the waitress would have just left the pitcher of water, I could have finished it off. Special thanks to Mike for taking care of my brunch (and leaving the boys to take care of their own)...it made me feel super-special for just being a girl.

Glenn dropped me back off at my car after brunch and I went home to take a four hour nap. Around 8 I got quite hungry, so Chris and I went to Midtown to watch the Sox/Yankees game. I was informed that it was my lucky day since Chris had to drop movies off at Blockbuster anyway (which I guess means he wouldn't have wanted dinner if he hadn't needed to do that???). Oh well...I'll take what I can get.

So there you have it. My weekend. Pretty super, huh?

*This poker term was used on Saturday night and Christina and I laughed and laughed and laughed about it for quite awhile. Yes. We had had a few to drink by that time.

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