Saturday, August 22, 2009

I fear that owning Gary will become some kind of gateway drug to becoming "the cat lady".

I still need to do catch-up blogs, but I just wanted to say...

I went to the Counting Crows/Augustana/Michael Franti last night with Chris and a few things struck me.

1. I have never been to a concert where all three of the bands were so intertwined. The show started off at 7:30 with everyone on stage (BTW....thanks for letting me know to get there early, Beth!) and they would all sing each other's songs. I felt a little bad because I had told Chris that we could leave halfway through Counting Crow's set, but they never really had a "set" per se. Odd. Very odd.

2. The name of the show didn't make sense to me. Traveling Circus and Medicine Show. I get the "Traveling Circus" part, but "Medicine Show"? Was the music the medicine??

3. Michael Franti played his hit (see's kind of catchy) and had a ton of kids get on stage with him. Of course these kids were brought by their parents. It was an odd realization that their parents were my age. For a hot minute it felt like we should be at a Jonas Brothers concert. 

4. What happened in Augustana's life to make them so angry at God? Oh...I could go on and on about their bitterness, but seriously. What happened??

Okay. That's all of my thoughts from last night. Good stuff.

Oh, more thing...

Chris...his son's name is Cappy, not Kathy. For once, I was right. I have to feels unnatural and good.

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whatnot said...

You go to lots of concerts. That is just so weird.

But since you obviously love live music, I feel it's my duty to inform you that Family Force 5 is coming to Charlotte. To the best of my knowledge, none of them are bitter or mad at God. You would never go, but if you did I could guarantee you would leave with a smile...and possibly some doubts as to your mother's sanity for suggesting them. Seriously...if you get the urge to hit the Dance or Die tour, tell Soul Glo Activatur and Crouton that I said "hey."