Monday, August 24, 2009

I love the irony of needing a wheelchair after tripping over a wheelchair...

End of July (and an era, I suppose)...

As soon as I got back from Wichita, it was very clear that I was going to be spending time helping Sam and Brian pack and generally just sucking every bit of time out of them that I could.

Seeing that hanging out with them every night was darn near impossible (with them having kids and an actual family and whatnot), I went over to Mike's house on Saturday night for an impromptu barbecue and poker game. It was a small, but good group of people (Mike, Chris, Marc, Beth, and Scott) to get to hang out with for the night and I really enjoyed the last minute festivities.

The last week of July was spent in a whirlwind of Fisicaro activity. On Monday, Chris and I took Will, Danny, and, well, Sam to play miniature golf. Did you know that moms don't have to pay and kids play free?? I pretended like I was Will's mom, so it was all of $6 for the five of us to play. I think Chris may have been the only person keeping score...which actually makes sense, since he was the only person that actually cost money.
On Thursday night, Brian, Sam, Chris, and I went to T1 Tapas and the Dirty Martini. After a massive amount of liquor entered all of our bodies, we had to say goodbye to our dear friends. I held my emotions together for all of 32 seconds until I lost it in the parking lot of the Dirty Martini. The awesome part of it was that I didn't even lose it saying goodbye to Sam. No, no, no...I was sobbing and refused to let go of Brian. Sam just yelled across the parking lot, "Screw you! I'm not doing this right now!!"

I'm glad Sam remembered that she had that outburst, because the whole family came over on Saturday morning so that we could have a Fisicaro-Sarah huddle hug and say goodbye.

Sweetest story of the whole Fisicaro goodbye...
Sam called me on their way to Louisiana to tell me that Brian called her from the moving truck and told her that Will was upset about leaving everyone. Brian had told him that it was going to be okay because Papa and Lulu were buying a house in Baton Rouge and he would get to see them all of the time. He then asked, "What about Sarah?"

I feel like I'm not doing this "Goodbye to the Fisicaros" post justice, but just know....the last week of July sucked and I miss my dear friends so very much.

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