Monday, September 14, 2009

It's like a little punching bag.

So I've been told that I haven't been writing anything of substance lately. The funny thing is that I don't think I ever write anything of substance, so the "lately" part confused me a little bit. Oh, well. Here is my attempt to not just throw a picture up and call it a blog entry.

I've been refusing to go grocery shopping lately, so this is pretty much just going to sound like I'm chronically all of the restaurants I've been to in the last two weeks . Ridiculous, I know...but I'm really not in the mood the bare my soul to the world like a usually do (yes...that was a joke).

September 3rd (aka: my older brother's birthday...aka: Sarah sucks at life and didn't even send Seth a card.): After getting a texty-text from Chris to see if I wanted to partake in a little Double Dip goodness from 131 Main, I made the long trek (all of two blocks) from my house to the restaurant.

1. It wasn't an actual "Double Dip", because Chris is not a fan of avocados. Well, I guess it was a double dip, because we had twice the amount of cheese dip. Silly me.
2. I will never say "no" to 131 Main...ever. Even if I hate you.

We ended the evening by going to T1 Tapas for some martinis and 20Q fun (The booths have touch screens where you can play 20 Questions and pick out what you want on your TV. It's pretty much awesome.)

September 4th: After dinner at Max & Erma's (I can't decide if the buffalo chicken sandwich was actually the best thing I've ever had in my life or if I was just really hungry...either way, two enthusiastic, buffalo-saucy thumbs up), I went to The Dirty Martini for Lauren's birthday shindig. That place never ceases to amaze me....mainly because of all of the cripples that frequent it. I don't want to sound mean (okay, yes I do), but seriously...The Dirty Martini attracts cripples like moths to a flame. There was a guy in a wheelchair, a guy with a walker, and my very friend Angie with her crutches. Now before you go and start thinking that it was just a fluke on 9/4, I must tell you...the last time I went there was a guy in a wheelchair, a girl with a walking cast, and a gal with her arm in a sling. They should rename the place The Dirty, Crippled Martini.

September 5th: I had gotten a text from Sheesh that asked if I wanted to go to City Tavern for dinner. Do you know what I say to that??? Heck yes.

The Steeles, Chris, and I met at City Tavern for dinner and then walked to Cosmos for some drinks/dessert. After that goodness, we walked to Black Finn to watch the LSU game (I'm sure there were other games on...that's just the only one I was watching). I only remember a few things from that night (and no...that's not because of alcohol consumption...I just have a bad memory)...

-City Tavern was yummy, but failed to have half of the items on their menu.

-Our waiter at City Tavern came off as douchey and no one liked him.

-If anyone wants to wear the exact same outfit as Sheesh, just pick out dark jeans and a black shirt. You'll look like you did when you wore the same outfit as your best friend when you were in the 6th grade.

-Don't break in new heels when you're going to be walking any sort of distance.

September 6th: Sheila and I had made the brilliant plan to go shopping on Sunday morning. This plan was quickly squashed when we got to Birkdale and saw that stores didn't open until 1. As heartbreaking as that was, we decided to go drown our sorrows in some crispy green beans from PF Changs. After lunch, we went over to Chris' and baked at his pool for a couple hours before we decided that we'd go home and get ready to come back over to Chris' for some chicken enchiladas and Trivial Pursuit. When it comes to Guys vs. Girls Pop Culture 2 Trivial Pursuit, we found that the guys are better at the DVD version of the game while the gals are awesome (not that I'm partial or anything) at the game when you read the questions off of the cards.

September 10th: What is better than Soltice and Jason Mraz with Chris? Not much...I'll tell you that.

September 11th: Chris and I had planned an online Skyping date with the Fisicaros. To our horror the connection didn't work and my computer went kaput. The only thing that made me keep my sanity was the memory of our dinner we just had at Mac's. After figuring out that the computer situation was a lost cause, we made our way up to the Galway Hooker for some good times.

September 12th: Mike had emailed me a couple days before to ask if I wanted to go with him and a few of his friends to Blues, Brews, and BBQ downtown. The day still seems like a blur. We went from the festival to Strike City. I went home and got ready for dinner at 131 Main (shocker). After dinner, I went to Scott's house to watch the end of a poker game and then we made our way to Corkscrew and Fox & Hound. I'm yawning now just thinking about how tired I was at the end of that night.

September 13th: This is all I have to say about Sunday...
Hamburger Helper (yum!).
Three Olives Berry.
It was lover-ly.

Phew....I hope that was enough substance.

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