Saturday, October 2, 2010

Any minute now...

Yesterday, I posted a picture of my little brother grading papers, but I so rudely left out Jade (who has been stuck in the hospital for what seems like forever).

Penelope wasn't due to arrive until November 8th, but the plan is to bring her into the world on October 8th (unless she decides to cause even more problems).

These pictures were taken on one of the days that Zack took Jade on one of their walks around the hospital grounds. I believe this particular picture was taken at the top of the parking deck. Seriously, their options on where to travel to during these walks are limitless...

My favorite thing is that Jade said that these pictures show her pregnancy face, but really...her pregnancy face is just everyone else's regular face. I'm just she'll be back to her boney self in no time. :D

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