Saturday, October 23, 2010

The sound that goodbyes make...

I'm not going to sugarcoat this.

I have just experienced one of the top 3 hardest weeks of my life.

Best friend moving away: check
Organizing everything to be moved out of the house: check
Losing my job: check

I was really waiting for a stranger to walk up and punch me in the face.

The thing that has just absolutely floored me is the unbelievable support that I've received from my co-workers, friends, and family. I start to cry every time I think about the phone calls, texts, and emails I've gotten in the last few days.

I have some big decisions to make about where to go next, but yesterday it became quite apparent that wherever I go, Gary can't go with me. I first asked Chris if he'd take him (it's been well documented on this very blog that Gary has a crush on Chris), but with Chris kind of dealing with his own transient wasn't really feasible.
The next person that I thought of was my nephew Logan. He constantly talks about Gary and firmly believes that Gary is his cat. There is a slight problem with Logan taking him since my mom is allergic to cats (and likes to babysit her grandchildren), but I figured I'd ask my sister-in-law anyway. Thankfully, she agreed and last night I was able to call my nephew to see if he'd be okay with living with the fuzzy boy.
The conversation started like every other conversation that I have with Logie. He was telling me what he's been up to (he seems to be involved in some pretty intense 6 year old type stuff, I assure you) and then I asked him...
Me: Hey...I think Gary needs a home. Do you think that he can come and live with you?
Logan: (I swear, you could hear the smile in his voice) Yeah...
Me: Do you think you will be able to love him and hug him and be nice to him?
Logan: Yeah...
Me: Do you think Sadie will like it?
Logan: Sadie loves kitties!
Me: Do you think you'll let him sleep with you?
Logan: Yes! I leave my door open because I'm scared of the dark. He can sleep with me!
Me: Alright, I'll probably be there in a few weeks to drop him off.
Logan: Alright, I think we can do that. to mom...

After typing all of that out, I can now see how I wasn't really able to capture how adorable my nephew was in all of his excitement.
So even though I'm sad that Gary is finding a new home...I'm so, so happy that he is going to be loved (insert me starting to cry once again here).

(And just so you know, "the sound that goodbyes make" sounds an awful lot like waking up to the sound of packing tape.)


Alison said...

I didnt know anything about you losing your job :( boo!

Sorry Gary can't come and live with me and Chris--my cat is hell on claws and HATES other animals. It's really for Gary's own safety--cause I'd totally take him if my cat wasnt such a B----!

whatnot said...

Lovely blog, my dear. The sound that goodbyes make....I hate those sounds as well and it's totally okay to cry about them!

One hint as you pack...keep asking yourself, "Do I really need to keep this?" Less is more...when you live simply it helps you keep your options open and your adventures more enjoyable!

Don't worry about Gary...Logan will be his new best friend!