Thursday, October 30, 2008

For Thomas: I will try NOT to answer any of these with another question...

Do you have strong feelings for last person you texted?
I strongly feel as if he is one of my oldest and dearest friends. 

What do you want right now?
The ability to snap my fingers and have 100 mini cupcakes made. That would be sweet on two different levels (because, well...cupcakes are sweet and I wouldn't have to even turn on the oven).

Where did you get the shirt you're wearing?
I'm probably can't find it anymore. I got it at Banana Republic about 2 years ago...something tells me it's not going to be in stock anymore.

Do you sleep naked?
I'm afraid that if I tell you, then you're going to try to spy on me and that's just creepy...

Has anyone ever given you roses?
Yes. I wouldn't be opposed to receiving them again. 

Are you happy?
Of course I am. I'm always happy. It's my schtick, if you will...

Have you ever had a pet fish?
Nope, but I have pet a fish...

What's on your wish list for your birthday?
A trip to Vegas.

Does the future make you more nervous or excited?
A little of both, I suppose. 

Something you hate more than anything?
Squirty, silky panties. And the people that use such language. 

Did you kiss or hug anyone today?
I'm a loner. But I did get a kiss today from an old guy at the ABC store. Of course, it was in the form of a Hershey's kiss....but was sweet.

Do you firmly believe that everything happens for a reason?
Absolutely. Even if we don't know why at the time, there is always a reason.

How many kids do you wanna have?
Enough to take care of me when I'm old and senile. 

Do you think people talk about you?
I know they do. Just try to get me off your mind...

Last time you cried?
I had just walked in the door from work and Oprah was on (yes, I leave the TV on for Gary...I think he would be lonely without it)....try NOT to cry...

What were you doing this morning at 7am?
Typing my morning email to C & J and drinking a refreshing Red Bull at my desk.

Where have you lived throughout your life?
St. Charles, MO 
Wentzville, MO 
St. Louis, MO
O'Fallon, IL
Mooresville, NC
St. Peters, MO
Cornelius, NC

Do you like anyone?
I like a lot of people. 

Where were you Friday night?
See earlier post.

Next vacation you're going on?
December 24th-December 28th will be spent in St. Louis.

Where will you be in an hour?
Standing at my oven, baking up a storm. 

Do you think someone has feelings for you?
See...the problem with the question is that it's implied that "feelings" are lustful-type feelings, but I'm just disturbed enough to think of every person in my life that doesn't care for me so much. So...yes. It seems as if quite a few people have feelings for me.

Name one person who is the most like you?
Sometimes it scares me how much Chris and Julie have the same thoughts as I do (they just have the balls to say those thoughts out loud). But I would say that the person I am twins with is my mom. 

When will your next kiss be?
I didn't realize that people plan events like that...

Name something you CANNOT wait for?
J's Halloween party. Wow...I love the weekend.

Will you talk to the person you love tonight?
"The"? That makes it sound like there is only one. I will talk to a person I love tonight...

What were you doing at 11:00pm last night?
It's so hard not to answer these questions with another question....
Let me think...sleeping. Yes. I was sleeping.

How many hours did you sleep last night?

Where did you last sleep other than your house?
I think it was my mom's house. 
I fell asleep on Chris' floor a couple weeks ago. I was informed that I snored (btw...I was REALLY tired that night). 
I stayed at the La Quinta (a super-classy hotel in Columbia, SC).
There...I promise. That's it.

Are you the same person as you were at the beginning of 2008?
I think 2008 has changed me more than any other year. 

Last person you went swimming with?
Beth and Wendy. Wow. That was a good day.

Looking back, did you ever think you'd be where you're at in life now? the beginning of this year I would have never believed that I would be where I am right now.

Who's the last person you wrestled with?
I'm just going to go with my little brother. It was a strange feeling when I couldn't take him down anymore. 


whatnot said...

I had a hard time reading the remainder of your blog after that youtube segment about baby Eliot. "Try not to cry", you say? How about "Try not to sob so uncontrollably that your lips swell up and your face turns all red and blotchy and you have snot all over yourself." That was so sad and sweet. I must have needed a good cry.

saucybellum said...

Oh, believe me...Oprah and Celine Dion were both in the ugly cry, as well.
I like to think that me crying confirmed that I do still have a heart, which was "two sizes too small" has now grown "three sizes larger".
(That's a "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" reference for any of you that don't know...)

Anonymous said...

Oh My God.....snot is running down my nose cause I cried so hard at that video. Why would you do such a thing to me Sarah?