Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Is Tamara home?

I'm searching online right now for a good Halloween punch recipe for Julie's party and I only have two criteria really:
1. Not carbonated (my beverage fountain doesn't like bubbles....we found that out when we tried to make it into a champagne fountain for Emily's New Years Eve party last year).
2. Alcohol must be involved....in mass quantities, please. 
I'd also like for it to be green. You know....because green is scary and gross and is only okay to drink on Halloween and St. Patrick's Day.

I'm about to just take 10 packets of Kool-aid and have my way with some sugar and vodka. I'm sure after all of the patrons of this party get done drinking their own beverages of choice, they really aren't going to be too concerned with the taste of the beverage in the fountain. Right? Now I'm starting to question whether or not I should be announcing that I'm the one in charge of the alcoholic punch situation. I don't want to be blamed for 3 gallons of nastiness. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Next subject!
I just got a call from my mom. She was keeping me up to date on a current family situation. It's not so much a "family situation" as it is a "Jade/Zack situation". 
Zack is my little brother and Jade is his wife. They are lovely people who do lovely things (such as getting involved with their youth group at church). 
Apparently, Jade was doing some crazy acrobatic maneuver on a rope in a barn during one of these youth group events and fell. After a few days of my brother carrying her around, he called my mom to tell her that Jade couldn't walk and asked what they should do. My mom (being a PMD, much like myself) replied with, "Take her to the doctor!"
So...long story short: My insuranceless brother and sister-in-law went to the doctor where they learned that she has a fractured pelvis.
Silly girl. See? That's why I don't volunteer for anything (eg. youth group)...you always end up getting hurt. 

Here's a picture of Zack and Jadey-girl (yes, that's what we call her...don't judge...we're not very creative with our nicknames) during happier times. The happier time being last week during her 21st birthday. I particularly enjoy the NKOTB t-shirt my little brother is rockin'. Originally I thought that they dressed like this just because this is the way that they dress. Then I realized that it was a theme they were going for. Twenty-first birthday...born in 1987...hence the late-80's garb. OHHHHHHH!!!! I got it!  Neat for them!


whatnot said...

Who's Tamara? What's she got to do with your story? I love your blogs, but sometimes your titles are just a tad on the random side. Cute picture of Zack and Jade. Ahhh....from the good old days before the tragic barn-rope mishap. I certainly hope the pelvic trauma will in no way impede future birthin' of my grandbabies.

saucybellum said...

Oh...mom...you just don't get it, do you?

"Is Tamara home?" is from the stupid movie "The Strangers". One of the murderers came to the victim's home at 4am, knocked on the door, and asked if Tamara was home. Of course, there was no Tamara at the house and a murderous rampage ensued. It was more a nod to Halloween, if you will.
A nod to Halloween....and to my friend Sheila who freaks out anytime we talk about the movie...

Anyways...my blog titles aren't supposed to mean anything. That's the point. I'm random like that.

Jules said...

Haha, scaring Sheesh is funny stuff.

Anonymous said...

EFF you guys....karma bitches.