Monday, October 27, 2008

No worries. It's merely a pumpkin injury.

I was so hoping to get some awesome sleep tonight. Once again, I've failed myself and I'm up watching the stinking World Series game (that I honestly don't care about, except for the fact that it's the last baseball we'll have for 5 months or so). I had been tossing and turning for over an hour and decided that blogging it out might make me tired. 

Weekend recap time!!!

The usual. Friday night dinner at the hizzy (or is it cribizzle...or crizzy...or am I too white to be trying to use such language??)
Julie had said that she wanted me to make chicken and noodles with mashed potatoes. So, darn it, that's what I made. Usually the Fisicaros come over, but they are spending the week in Baton Rouge, so it was just Julie, Chris, and me. I say "just"...I mean to say..."YAY! It was Julie, Chris, and me!"
After dinner (that I suspect was not fully enjoyed by C, since he asked me to preheat the oven for a Totino's pizza...and I really don't think he was kidding even though he said he was), I was wanting something sweet. So I made brownies. Nothing like a little sugar in the form of a warm brownie with ice cream, whip cream, caramel, and heck, why not? A fun size Snickers bar on top. Oh. And I forgot the Krispie Kreme Donut. Wow. Typing that all out doesn't sound so good, but I assure the time, it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.
We also watched Made of Honor (or is it Maid of Honor? I'm not sure which...I think the movie-makers were being creative and spelled it "Made", which I don't fully understand). Cute movie, except for these small issues...

-Julie didn't like the fact that they copied Runaway Bride with the whole "horse thing".

-Chris didn't like all of the basketball scenes because, "You could tell they didn't really know how to play."

-I was not a fan of the whole "He can say 'I love you' to a dog, but not to a human" thing. 

Wait. Now that I'm thinking of was kind of a dumb movie. 

I slept so late (okay...maybe not late by other people's standards, but 10am is pretty late for me). It was great. 
After semi-cleaning the house and running some errands, I met Julie, Chris, Scott, and Sheesh at the new Wild Wing Cafe. I just can't get enough of those little cheeseburgers...they are the perfect combination of adorableness and deliciousness.
Post-Wild Wing Cafe, we went back to C's and watched The Strangers. 
Not. A. Fan.
Sheila also stated that she's never watching a movie at Chris' again. I hope she was kidding and/or being dramatic. 
I hate scary movies, especially scary movies that I think are a true story. You wanna know how true this stupid movie was?

Here's the premise of the movie: Two lovers in a country summer home with no one around...except for 3 murderers in masks that come in and mess with their minds for 15 hours or so until they murder the couple. It was a bloody, sad mess. 

At the end of the movie I felt so bad for the couple, I wanted to find out more about them. Here's what I found on Wikipedia...
"The movie was inspired by an event in the directors childhood. A stranger came to his home asking for someone who was not there and the director later found out that homes had been broken into that night."

WHAT?!?! No one was murdered?!?! It's inspired by some kid going door to door, seeing if people are home so he could break into the homes that are empty?!?!? I mean...not that I'm a fan of people being brutally murdered, but GIVE ME A BREAK! Don't advertise the stupid movie as a true story! Geez!

I went down to Julie's for breakfast (pancakes, eggs, and bacon...if you must know). After breakfast, we watched Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels while we (Julie and I, Chris was too involved in the movie) carved pumpkins. This is where my pumpkin injury comes in. Don't worry about me...I'll be fine. I just may have to call into work tomorrow due to carpal tunnel syndrome. Oh, yes...I have a syndrome.  I blame myself, really. I chose to do some crazy Martha-Stewart-esque type design on my pumpkin. It was quite labor-intensive. Here's a picture of the design I chose....mind you, mine doesn't look this awesome, but you can see the detail that the fine people at Pumpkin Masters were trying to get me to do...

Around 3:45, I realized that the Panthers game was about to end and thought that I'd better get my butt back up north of Charlotte to avoid the football traffic. 
The rest of the evening was spent on the couch with a few moments of getting up to switch around laundry. 

Okay. It's official. Writing a blog may have made me more awake than I was when I started. 

Stupid blog.


Jules said...

Thanks for carving pumpkins with me, pumpkin!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for watching the movie with me, lame asses! (haha...this is where you say "Chill, Winston")

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