Sunday, May 24, 2009

Waking Up In Vegas

How appropriate that Vh1 Top 20 Countdown is featuring Katy Perry's "Waking Up In Vegas" this morning...go ahead and let this song play while you read about our 2009 trip to Vegas (I say "2009 trip to Vegas" like there is a "2008" and "2007" trip to Vegas...I assure you...there is not).
I stayed the night at Julie's on Monday night so I wouldn't have to sit in rush hour traffic in the morning. J was nice enough to leave a little early for me so that I could pick up "the PERFECT Vegas outfit" that my friend Lauren sent with our friend Jessica to the airport (she was leaving for Holland that same morning). Once I got through security and ran down to Jessica's terminal, I walked back up to security to meet Julie for breakfast at Chili's. Who knew that Chili's serves breakfast!?!? After breakfast, it was time to head to our terminal to catch our flight to Houston. I have to say...I don't think I've ever flown on Continental before, but I'm a fan. They actually give you a snack on the plane (that I was able to throw in my giant purse for a later time). I don't think I've EVER gotten beef jerky (let alone beef jerky, apple juice, crackers, cheese stuff, and a Kit Kat) on a US Airways flight...those cheap bastards. I'm glad that I didn't tell the stewardess that I didn't want the in-flight snack, because it totally came in handy one afternoon when I was the lone starving person in our hotel room. We got to Houston 3 hours later and met Chris (who had been in good ol' Kansas for a few days) at Chili's (of ALL places!) for lunch. After lunch, we made the long haul to our terminal. You know, if I never have to go to the George Bush International Airport again, it will be too soon. When we got on our flight, we found out that our in flight entertainment would be the movie Inkheart....which meant that MY in flight entertainment would be the book New Moon. We got to Vegas at 4pm, where Sam had a limo waiting for us. I guess she had told the limo driver that it was a surprise, so I had to fake surprise. I guess you could say that it was a surprise...3 months ago when she gave it to me for my birthday. I have no idea why I felt the need to act like I was surprised for a man that didn't even matter...I guess that says a lot about me, doesn't it? When we got to Planet Hollywood, we were lucky enough to stand in a line to check in that only took about 45 minutes. After we checked in, we went up to our room (the Addams Family room) to rest until Alison got in a few hours later. Julie and I had silly-fun times (that vaguely reminded me of the photo shoots I used to have with my girlfriends in high school) on the super comfy bed. I won't post all of those pictures (mainly because Julie and I have already decided that they are horrible and were promptly deleted). Some time during my shower, Alison arrived and brought a migraine with her, so she decided to stay in for the night while C, J, and I went to see the Cirque du Soleil show Zumanity at the New York New York hotel. Before the show, we had dinner at a Mexican restaurant where Julie and Chris had some delicious margaritas. The show was great, I enjoyed turning to C a few times during it and looking at the disgusted look on his face. The "host/ess" for the evening was this tranny who showed a bit too much butt and I don't think he was feelin' that too much (which was actually confirmed later). After the show, we made our way back to the hotel room to check on Alison. Poor thing had just gotten sick...nothing like coming to Vegas and having one of your nights be taken up with illness. Around 1am, we (minus Alison) went downstairs to the Planet Dailies restaurant to get something to eat. The waiter kept telling me that the ice cream sundae that I ordered was "really, really big". Ummm....wasn't that WHY I ordered it?? I have to of the best things about Vegas is that almost all of the restaraunts are open 24 hours a day. Wow...that really IS saying something about me, isn't it?

We started the day off in search of a Bank of America ATM. I asked at Guest Services where the nearest BofA ATM was and she said that it was 3 blocks down the street, on the second floor of the M&M Store (random, right??). I told Julie and Chris that I would just run down there really quick and be back to PH soon....they laughed and said that we'd all go. Apparently, I didn't get the memo that Vegas blocks are not the same as NYC blocks. It took about an hour to walk from Planet Hollywood to the ATM (which was NOT on the second floor, it was on the FOURTH floor...that Guest Services lady was such a liar). Mainly because we took our sweet time shopping and taking pictures of M&Ms. After our 3 block adventure, we went back to have lunch at PF Changs. Thanks to Alison's keen eye, we saw Holly Madison (of Girls Next Door fame) sitting two booths down from ours.
The experience was slightly overshadowed by the absolutely nuts waitress who informed us that it was her birthday and she was happy that she was able to go home at lunch and pick up her birthday presents and that she doesn't have a TV (so she didn't know who Holly Madison was)...or something like that. All I know is that it was her birthday and she didn't know how to be a good waitress. Right before 2, Chris left PF Changs to go to his poker tournament and Alison, Julie, and I went shopping and then back to our room to rest. I wanted to finish my book, so I took a 2 hour bath. After Chris got back and they coaxed me out of the bathtub, we went shopping, gambling, and ate cheeseburger babies at a restaurant appropriately named Cheeseburger. Late that night, Alison, Chris, and I sat at the 2 cent slots where Alison won $38 (that's a lot of money when you're at the 2 cent slots) and then managed to lose it. It's a lesson in life....if you are $38 ahead on a 2 cent've gone as far as you're going to go on a 2 cent slot. After that excitement, we went upstairs and inadvertently woke up Julie. I feel a little bit bad about it, but not TOO bad, since in her frustration she went downstairs and won $265. I wish any time I was frustrated, something like that would happen to me.

When I took a shower on Thursday morning, I realized that I was using my last pair of underwear (I don't think I've EVER not packed enough...I didn't realize that I would be taking about 38 showers and 1 bath in Vegas), so I was pleased that there was a Victoria's Secret in the mall attached to our hotel. Chris had gone to yet another poker tournament (where he got 3rd place....or 5th place...or 3rd....anywhoozles, it was an odd number and he won money). When I walked into the Victoria's Secret, the sales lady was very enthusiastic about their new 7-way bra and I guess I wasn't in the mood, so I mocked her. I think I just smiled and said, "All right!!!", but she responded with, "Are you mocking me?". Whoops. Right about the time that I went into the VS, Alison decided that she needed to take care of some stuff up in our hotel room, so Julie and I decided that we'd walk to various casinos. We started at the Paris Hotel and Casino, where I started with $5 and won about $40. We then moved on to Caesar's Palace...that's where I became friends with the Wheel of Fortune slots. I won about $90 on one slot and then Julie and I decided to continue being slot-hos. We would spend about $5 on a slot and then move on to the next slot. At that point, I was up about $160. Not bad, seeing that I started the day with $5. We're not going to discuss how I lost all of that money (that night in PH), but this is where the phrase "stop while you're ahead" comes into play. While in Caesar's Palace, Alison and Chris came to meet us for lunch, so we walked to Cheesecake Factory.
After lunch, we walked back to the hotel room (stopping along the way at a variety of places like the Bellagio and a giant ice cream sundae) and got ready for our entertainment for the evening. We had decided to go to Peepshow (with Mel B and Kelly Monaco!). The show was pretty good, but I felt like I had seen the show already since the video screens in our hotel had been showing clips from it over and over and over (and over and over and over) again. After the show we decided that we'd use our free drink coupons at Koi (a sushi place with not good service and didn't even let us use our free drink coupons). Later that night we decided to walk across the street (or to the corner of the street) to watch the Bellagio fountains and then gamble just a little more. When we walked up to our room late that night, we realized that we were starving (you know, after our huge meal of sushi earlier in the evening), so I walked down in my quilty pants to the Planet Dailies restaurant with Julie's winnings in hand (Thanks, J!) and ordered some heartburn inducing food. At 2am, C went down to his final poker tournament while the rest of us passed out.

I woke up at 5am to take a shower before the limo came to pick us up at 6:15. It was so sad leaving that hotel. The limo driver kept trying to make conversation about how we must have made a lot of money on our trip, because that is the only reason people take a limo to the airport. I was too tired to explain to him that there is another reason why people take limos to the airport and that reason includes very inventive friends giving birthday gifts (thanks again, Sam!!!!). After standing in a huge line at the airport, spending my last $20 cash on slot machines (yeah...I'll never learn) and saying goodbye to Alison, we were on our way back to Houston (dreaded Houston). The flight into Houston didn't seem that long...they played He's Just Not That Into You and I psuedo-slept. Once we got into Houston, wears me out just thinking about it. We walked and walked and walked and walked to our connecting flight and boarded our plane, just to have them deboard us because there was a problem with the plane. We waited around for a little over an hour until they got a new plane to take us home. That flight seemed like it lasted about 5 hours and was kind of a blur. I just know that we left the hotel at 6:15am and I didn't walk in my door back Charlotte until 9pm. Remind me...the next time I go to Vegas, a direct flight is definitely needed.

And just an FYI...the Trevi Fountain is in Rome. Just so you know.

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Alison said...

Yes... the Trevi Fountain is INDEED in Rome. Godo to know in case of an emergency.

I want to go back to VEGAS RIGHT NOW! I cant believe you remembered everything-- I just didnt want to type it all you. You win.