Sunday, January 24, 2010


Sorry, Jeff Buckley...Justin Timberlake and Matt Morris just showed how it's done.


Commodore Lerve said...

Well, we'd have to also first and foremost apologize to Leonard Cohen as well. Although frankly, he should apologize to me for his version of the song. Now, secondly, who is Matt Morris? I thought he was a pitcher for the Cardinals?

And lastly, I enjoyed this version. But while J.T. is great, no one, and I mean no one hits the note that Buckley hits at the end of this song. Shivers, goose bumps, butterflies, that note alters my chemical make-up every time I hear it. Its the most glorious sound ever produced.

saucybellum said...

Wow. You are right about Leonard Cohen needing to apologize for his spoken word version. It isn't very often that the original is the suckiest version in existence.

Yes. Matt Morris was with the Cardinals once upon a time. I'm not sure if he's playing anymore, though. The other (more musically talented) Matt Morris is a singer. Pretty good one, too. I think he just had a new album come out...I probably need to download that.

Ummm...and we're going to have to agree to disagree on your earth-shattering love for Jeff Buckley. Yes...his version is very good (nay...great), but I'm a sucker for a man on man duet. I just can't help myself. Sorry.

Julie said...

I have to agree with Thomas! I love me some JT, but prefer the Jeff Buckley version.

saucybellum said...

What, J!?!? You're taking the opposite position of whatever I say??? Shocker.

saucybellum said...

Wait...I just realized that my last comment came off as mean. I meant to add a smiley to show that I was being playful and whatnot.

:D I feel good about it.