Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fix Me.

So it's the beginning of the year.'s the beginning of a new decade. I have been asked roughly 732 times what my New Year's resolution is going to be. It actually hadn't occurred to me to have a resolution until the first person asked me (I won't name any names here, ahem...Beth). I was tempted to answer with an awesomely smart-arse answer like, "I want to figure out a way to rock glitter leggings. Yes, glitter leggings....maybe with those ankle bootie shoes that are half boot/half high heeled shoe/all fad."

In reality, it got me thinking. What SHOULD my resolution be?

I am going to be 100% honest (well, honestly sarcastic) here and say that since I was old enough to stand on a scale and read magazines about how "normal" girls weigh 97 pounds, it's been my resolution to lose 50 pounds in a year...every year since the age of 14. Have I ever succeeded in my goal? Of course not. I never actually had a plan. I just put it out there in the world that I was going to be a slip of a gal and I believed with my whole heart that the world would somehow answer back with a 50 pound weight loss overnight.

I want this year to be different. Not in terms of weight loss. I am refusing to make a resolution. I'm making goals (which actually by definition could mean "resolution", but I'm refusing to call them "resolutions"...keep up with me, please). I'm quite sure you don't care what these goals are, but you'll get to read about a few of them now (unless you click out of this blog...which is fine with me. In the words of Bobby's your prerogative.)

Run a 5K - Even typing that is scary to me. I remember being in the 9th grade and being forced by a drill sergeant of a woman to complete 1 mile in under 15 minutes. Okay, that is exaggerating a little bit. The "drill sergeant" was actually quite nice and she didn't make me do it in under 15 minutes because I had a "heart condition" (quick word of advice to any 9th graders out there being forced to run...always blame it on a heart condition and never on asthma. Gym teachers laugh at asthma, but they will never mess with a heart condition. Something about wanting to keep their jobs and not get sued or something...).

This is actually supposed to be a goal on the way to a much larger goal of a half marathon in May. THAT is a laughable goal to me, but we'll see how the 5K thing goes first. A more manageable goal is that the 5K is a stop on the way to my next goal of...

The Mud Run- I posted the mud run to this very blog a few months ago. I have 2 people that will definitely do it with me, so if we find one more's on. I'm just thanking sweet baby Jesus that I have 9 more months to prepare for that one.

Be Like Mike- There is not a person on this earth that can say a bad thing about Mike Grosz. To be honest with you, if you did...I'd have to muster every bit of strength that I have and beat you up. I think he has won the Nicest Guy in the World Award for 9 years running. I said to Jackie the other day that I wanted to be more like Mike...I would love for people to have not one bad thing that they could say about me. She laughed at me (when the people that know you the best laugh at the statement "I want to be a nicer person.", it's a bad sign...). She responded with, "Sarah, no one is asking you to be like anybody else, they just want you to be a better you." Touche, Jackie...touche. Which brings me to my next goal of...

Be Wise- It is well known that I work next to a very wise person every day. She's quiet and unassuming and then she'll drop a knowledge bomb on your butt so fast that you'll need a few days to recover. I know that being wise isn't something that can be learned, but I can learn to make wiser decisions. I need to realize there are people who are worth fighting for and there are people who aren't worth the effort. I need to realize that being malnourished isn't always about a lack of food. It is always easier to look at someone else's life and tell them, "It's so easy, just (fillintheblankwithwhatiseasyforyoubutreallyreallyhardforthepersonyou'retalkingto)." The hard part is being able to look at your own life, recognize what you need to change and finding the courage to change it. I want to be wise enough to know what I need to change.

I can guarantee that I won't succeed at every one of my goals this year, but I can guarantee that I will be a better person today than I was yesterday and I'll be a better person in two weeks than I am right now.

Oh, and I'd like to lose 50 pounds this year.

(It wouldn't be a new year without a weight loss resolution. There, you can reward my dedication to proclaiming weight loss as my goal with a 50lb weight loss over night. Thanks. You're swell.)


Mike Grosz said...

I am humbled to have made the blog! However, I see what you are doing. By setting one of your goals so low, you are sure to hit it. But, you are wise to realize that you don't have to settle to "Be like Mike" (I didn't even get any royalties, but everyone knows which "Mike" Nike was referring to). Why settle to be like me when you can be Sarah Rogers?

Can't wait for the 5K and Mud Run!

Commodore Lerve said...

Once again, Mike deflects the praise, another symbol of his awesomeness! But let's face it, we know Mike has great days but there are bad ones sprinkled in there.

My resolution change for us all, be "around" Mike. That way the good vibes he has, his positive attitude and laughable catch phrases will help make you a better person.

No one can be like Mike. Unless you're one of the 650,000 North Dakotans...

Thanks for dinner last night Sarah! Come to think of it, that was very Mike-like of you!

Alison said...

so... I too would like to run a 5K. Get this--my new apt is exactly 1.6 miles from a good friends new house. Whats 1.6 round trip? 3.2 miles, which is, say it with me, a 5K. Its fate.

Good luck...and my weight loss secret is meth, with teeth guards so I dont ruin my choppers :)

whatnot said...

You are so brave. Stickin' it all out there for everyone to read. When I make resolutions, I write them in tiny secret code...hidden in a hollowed out book. That way, when I fail miserably it doesn't matter because I forgot where I put them, am unable to decifer the secret code and can't see the miniscule print. I have no doubt though, sweetie, that YOU will be entirely successful! You inspire me!